When Farmer Reuben left rural Wisconsin for college in the suburbs of Chicago, he had no idea that he’d be a full time farmer, growing organic vegetables in rural New Tripoli, PA later in life.

Learning to work hard in uncomfortable conditions during his teen years was a result of harvesting rows and rows of tomatoes and sweet corn on Reuben’s friend’s farms.

He and his Dad, started very early in the morning. Mr. John DeMaster, a school teacher, was a crew leader on the farms in the summer so he brought 12 year old Reuben along with him “to work.”

Little did Reuben know he was cultivating a lifetime of respect for nature and a love for growing seeds.

At a Seed Starting Workshop this winter, Farmer Reuben shared the insight he has now, after 3 decades of farm work and gardening.

Starting Seeds is a Spiritual Act

“Starting seeds are an expression of faith and hope and love in the natural world. The process teaches us the meaning of these abstract terms. It takes hope to take the tiny seed and place it in the ground. It takes faith to water and wait. And it takes love to care for the tender seedlings until they produce a harvest.” – Farmer Reuben DeMaster

Planting in the Field is an Act of Faith

Despite our preparation of the soil, the row covers that protect the plants and the drip lines that water the tender plants, everything could go wrong in a matter of hours.

Overnight dear and groundhogs have been known to devour rows of lettuce plants.

Wind and hail can damage plants and stunt their growth.

BUT WE HAVE FAITH that most of our vegetables will be harvested to feed your family.

I tasted our baby lettuce in the field yesterday and give a quick tour of all the stages of prepping to planting in this Friday Field Video:


By the way, recent studies of sarfole in sassafrass have FAILED to show any similar effects of cancer or liver damage in humans. How high were the doses they were giving those rats? Who funded the study? Who benefitted from banning the use of native plant from being used in food?

You Might Be Surprised What A Box of Farm Food Can Teach You
Do you remember the HUGE shallots we sent in your Market Boxes last year?

They were amazing and I remember our farm members raving about them.

Shallots are part of the onion family, often “bunching onions,” and milder, sweeter more elongated than onions.  Replace onions in recipes and especially good used raw in salads, dressings and sauces.  Here are two great Shallot Recipes: Hakka Sauce and Crispy Shallots in a Grain Bowl

Fun Surprises!

Part of the fun of being a farm member is the delight and surprise you experience when you open your box of farm food each week. Even though you know what’s coming in your customized box, you learn something new each time.

→ I didn’t know shallots could grow this big!

→ Really, you can eat the chive flowers?

→ The prickles come off the radish leaves when you cook them?

When your farmer grows your food for you it’s picked so fresh that the flavors are amazing.

Can You Grow One Thing?

The only thing better than local food from your farmer is growing your own food – which you should do too!

“We encourage every one to grow at least one vegetable at home” Farmer Reuben explained at Earth Day.

Why? So you can experience the freshness and satisfaction of picking food from the ground and putting it in your mouth immediately.

Don’t you love to have a planter of lettuce, herbs on your back porch or in a garden window?

Come get your garden transplants. You’ll have the whole weekend to plant them.

transplants at on farm market

It’s Time For You to Start Your Garden Too!

We have these organic transplants ready to go – $5.50 for a 4 pack :

  • Caraflex Cabbage – these unique pointy cabbage are fun to grow and show off to your family

Caraflex pointy cabbage

  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Bok Choy
  • Onion
  • NOT READY YET: Basil, Tomato, Peppers & more are coming in later weeks. It’s still too cold for them.


As Always…

We support your desire to have a good, healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.

We’ll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

P.S. The Farm store is open on Saturday to help you stock up on eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, natural cleaners, home remedies and more.

Open this weekend

Market Hours: Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Don’t Forget Your Organic Transplants to Start Your Garden



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