It’s not easy to keep the nourishing foods your family needs in your fridge and pantry.

You need a connection to your local organic farms so you can keep delicious, healthy food on your table all year round. Food that your kids actually eat!

Being careful of what you put in your body means you can’t sacrifice quality. The discomfort and pain teaches you that pretty quick, right?

When we started our organic farm in 2009 we didn’t realize we would soon need all our resources to deal with all our health issues. 

As our children developed health symptoms we discovered the power of raw milk, fermented vegetables, bone broth, and pastured meats. 

Remarkably, these foods heal and alleviate symptoms caused by the toxic world we live in. 

Now our eczema, constipation, allergies, and teenager’s hormones are under control. Farmer Reuben’s blood sugar crashes are only a memory. Each of my pregnancies was healthier than the one before. Plus, our kids suffer fewer sick days than most of the families we know. 

We can help you overcome struggles like these.

Our Market Box CSA is the perfect solution.

It’s the best way we’ve found to provide clean, nutrient dense food all year round so you can achieve the healthy way of life you desire.

Trying to Heal?

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Meet the DeMasters of Willow Haven Farm

We grow and produce many of the foods that will be in your box each week. The rest are from local farmers we know and trust.

DeMaster Family in front of Willow Haven Farm Sign

You can guess, we are a busy family.

We’ve learned to work together to produce the nutrient food we need and get those meals on the table three times a day.

Farmer Reuben forged strong connections with our farmer friends who raise what we can’t.

You’ll love eating like a farmer.

Plus, you’ll learn from Tessa how to efficiently put nutrient dense meals on the table, without a lot of fuss, using the food that’s in season – all year round.