Local farm food that fits into your life.

Farmer Reuben grows, makes and sources delicious farm food
to pack into your customized box.

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 Winter Market Boxes are delivered every other week NOW until May!

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Do you trust your food?

Are you wasting time at the store trying to find truly local or truly organic food?

Need to improve your diet?

Are you trying to eat more vegetables and improve your health?


Are you tired of being confused by food labels and food industry claims?


Do you want to be connected to your food and to where and how it’s grown?

You need a Farmer to grow your food for you.
Meet the DeMasters of Willow Haven Farm

Small family farms like ours can make it easy for you to get food you love & trust from a farmer you know. 

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a box of delicious local food being delivered to your home or work all season long

  • Custom packed with items you choose

  • On a predictable schedule you can change

  • Picked fresh from our fields

  • Organically grown by our farm family and staff

  • Sourced from local farms matching our values

The BEST farm stories in the Valley?  I’ll send them your way every Friday.

(Don’t believe me? Read a sample )

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Hard to Find & High Quality Local Food

Willow Haven Farm grows and produces high quality farm food, organically grown vegetables and now is partnering with other organic farms to bring it all together for your convenience.  We are doing the work of finding the best products from small, organic local farms, so you don’t have to.  Support MORE local farmers with your food purchase!

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