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Are you serious about your improving your family’s health and nutrition this summer?

It’s time to focus on changing those unhealthy eating habits that developed during the school year, right?

Keeping up with hungry kids is overwhelming when there is school work to do and activities to get to on time.

It seems like they are always complaining about being hungry.

Or worse, complaining that their tummy hurts after eating.

Maybe you’ve been relying on processed foods just to get through each week and you can see that is taking a toll on your family’s health.

You want to eat differently this summer.

Wouldn’t it be great to have healthy meals on your table and food in the fridge that you feel good about and your kids want to eat?

We have the solution and we know it works because families tell us it does.

The Market Box from Willow Haven Farm is your easy path to fresh, wholesome, clean farm food directly from the farmers who raise it.

You need real food and real change this summer.

The first step is your customized box of flavorful nutrient dense foods that fit the diet you want your family to eat:

more vegetables and fruit, grass fed milk, nutritious pastured eggs, grass fed meat, organic pantry staples and natural clean living items.

A Market Box CSA subscription is all this and more:

  • Custom packed with items you choose

  • On a predictable schedule you can change

  • Picked fresh from our fields

  • Organically grown by our farm family and staff

  • Sourced from our fields and other local farms that hold our values

I absolutely love this farm. Each week a list of farm fresh produce, meat, and dairy comes, and I can meal plan around locally sourced healthy, nutritious foods for my family. Our likes and dislikes are always taken into consideration, and our box is always customizable. I love that I’m trying new recipes and my kids new foods!

Molly, one year member

Willow haven CSA is the best! Love that our boxes are customizable and we enjoy the family trips to the farm where my kids help pick the veggies. Another bonus is that we can get other things in their farm store like eggs, milk, meat, sourdough bread etc. We’re happy to support a great local farm and I’d recommend them to anyone!

Nathan, four year member
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Meet the DeMasters of Willow Haven Farm

We grow and produce many of the foods that will be in your box each week. The rest are from local farmers we know and trust.

DeMaster Family in front of Willow Haven Farm Sign

Farmer Reuben knows the secrets of organic food from his own farming experience of 15 years.
Tessa feeds the family nutrient dense meals everyday
and loves to share her knowledge with farm members.

Meet Tessa…

Farmer Reuben’s wife and busy mom of nine.

I’d love to help you launch into summer with confidence so you can make changes in your family’s eating lifestyle now, before summer vacation with your kids is gone.

Tessa, Willow Haven Farm

Will you love a Market Box subscription?

Lucie and Maria farm members

My husband and I love our Market box from Willow Haven Farm. There are so many fresh foods to choose from for each box and I know that what I am receiving is truly local. The application for selecting what goes in my box is easy to use and I switch or skip weeks if needed. We enjoy the convenience of the box, but also the way it has motivated us to eat more vegetables, especially organic. Having the veggies and other good food from WHF on hand really makes a difference in my meal planning process.

Mario & Lucie, Year Round Members
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Don’t miss out on your opportunity
to transform your family’s eating lifestyle this summer. 

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Use this guide to get an idea of what your customizable market box could include. You will receive…

  • Photo guide to sample boxes for each month.
  • In season harvest calendar for vegetables.
  • In season harvest calendar for fruit.
  • Link to get a sneak peak at our real-time product catalog.

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