Ready to Visit?

One farm visit is all it takes to find out if our farm is right for you.

  • Meet the farmer and the family

  • See what we are growing in our fields

  • Watch the animals

  • Breath the air and enjoy the countryside

  • Take fresh farm food home to try

Open Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm

Get Directions

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Connect to My Farmer

Farmer Led Tour – a farm experience for the whole family

Not all farm tours are the same. It’s a totally different experience when Farmer Reuben leads you around the farm. Fourteen years of farming experience provides plenty of stories to tell and places to show you.
What would you like to see?

  • Greenhouses with seedlings and transplants covering every surface?
  • Cows on pasture and the barn where they are milked?
  • The new farm with more vegetable fields, our packing barn and airbnb cottage?

Sharing our life and the place we live and work is a joy for us. We love to see others soak up the quiet calm, the fun and the wholesome reality of our farm. You ought to see where your food is grown, how the animals live and what your support enables us to build out here in New Tripoli.

You can now sign up for a farm tour with Farmer Reuben on the first Saturdays of June, July and August.

  • Farm members and family are free.
  • Guests are $5 each or $15 per family.
  • Make purchases at our On Farm Market.
  • Sample farm fresh food.
  • Dates for 2022:
    • June 4 – Farm Tour at 12 pm
    • July 2 – Farm Tour at 12 pm
    • August 13 – Farm Tour at 12 pm
    • October 15 – Lehigh Valley Open Gate – open to the public – free

Foster a Chick

a delightful and educational farm experience in your own home

  • Participants take a pair of baby chicks home to care for and then return to the farm after a couple weeks.
  • Every spring Willow Haven orders hundreds of day old chicks which we raise for broilers and laying hens.
  • These cute and fluffy chicks will be available to those who want to experience watching chicks grow and develop, which they do very quickly.
  • Over the course of the two weeks, each will grow from fist-sized to about four times as large, and from down-covered to mostly feathered. Some may even be ready to practice flying when the 14 days are over.
  • You may keep them as long as you like but two weeks is normal. If you keep them past 4 weeks you will need to buy their feed from us. But be warned: A full-grown hen might weigh 7 pounds, while a rooster could reach 9 pounds. Most opt to bring them back since a lot of neighborhoods or community organizations don’t allow for full-time farm animals.  There is no additional charge if a bird dies in your custody.

Get on our list for next spring

Availability: Reservations Open March 6 for Easter 2023.

When: pick up begins the Wednesday before Easter.

Where: Birds must be picked up at the farm, 7686 Herber Rd, New Tripoli, PA and returned to the farm thereafter.

This is what we are all about…

Farm Fresh and 100% Organic

Local Food Subscriptions

Hard to Find & High Quality Local Food

Willow Haven Farm grows and produces high quality farm food, organically grown vegetables and now is partnering with other organic farms to bring it all together for your convenience.  We are doing the work of finding the best products from small, organic local farms, so you don’t have to.  Support MORE local farmers with your food purchase!

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