Your List of What to Return:

We re-use and recycle much of the packing materials the come with your box. Here’s what you can return, recycle or save.

  1. Return boxes: If you’re receiving a box delivery, please put your box out before the next delivery, so the driver can take it back to the farm for reuse.
  2. Return freezer bricks, reflective box liners, green produce cartons, with your box during your next delivery or pick up.
  3. Save: Remove your box label before returning the box to us. However, if you’re missing an item or something is unsatisfactory, please save your label and send us a picture. This helps us identify and address any errors in the packing process.
  4. Earn Farm Credit by referring friends: Sign up friends as members of our farm and earn Farm Credit. Here’s how to Refer A Friend! What are Farm Credits? Read How to Receive and Redeem Farm Credit. 
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    What to do when you are missing an item?

    1. Take a picture of your label. Be sure to capture the whole label.
    2. Check the telegram group for a message regarding shortages.
    3. Check for an email like this one to see if it was a shortage.
    4. If no info is available, send an email to letting us know:
        1. the item that was missing
        2. include the picture of your label.

We’ll Keep Farming for You!