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    Current Open Positions

    Your next great job experience might be working with us at Willow Haven Farm. Farmer Reuben has two decades of experience in matching individual personalities and skill sets to areas of our family farm business to enable both you and the farm to thrive.

    Farm Friend Positions
    Friends of the farm find meaning and connection using their skills here one day a week and enjoy bringing home a the bounty of the farm.

    • Community Manager

    • Vegetable Delivery

    • Farm maintenance

    • Special Projects

    Paid Positions
    Seasonal employees enjoy working outdoors in a spirit of team work and find satisfaction in the production of real food for real people in our community.

    • Pack Room Assistant

    • Field Assistant

    • Field Manager

    Field Manager Job Description

    The field manager will operate and maintain tractors; and hook up implements for tillage, planting, cultivation, spraying and harvesting vegetables; seeding, transplanting and caring for plants in greenhouse, manage a field crew to complete tasks; perform repairs on the farm.

    Vegetables grown and harvested include lettuce, asian greens, bok choi, salad greens, collards, radish, peas, beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, summer squash, sweet potato, onion, tomato, pepper, eggplant, broccoli, turnip, sweet corn, garlic.

    Qualification: Driver requirements, lifting requirement 60 lbs, exposure to extreme temperatures, extensive pushing or pulling, extensive sitting or walking, frequent stooping or bending, repetitive movements.

    Housing is available on the farm.
    Cooking facilities are provided.

    Hours: 44 hours Monday – Saturday
    Hourly wage: $16.55

    Start Date: February 13, 2024
    End Date: December 12, 2024

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    Internship Opportunities

    Seeking intern/apprentice for the current season. Intern will be involved in all areas of vegetable production with opportunities to work with the animals. 
    Willow Haven Farm is a third generation family farm in the hills of the Blue Mountain in the Lehigh Valley. Our diversified farm utilizes organic practices and traditional farming methods such as composting, cover cropping, soil testing, and crop rotation. Our flagship product is our Market Box. We focus our farming on growing vegetables for our ever expanding offering of high quality local food that we deliver to our farm members.
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