It’s time to find out if you are ready to “eat different” with a Market Box subscription. Reuben and I are totally committed to only providing the nutrient dense food that will help you, not harm you.

And now for the nitty gritty details…


Choose your Size

We have 4 box sizes to suit your family’s needs:

  • Mini, $35 of your grocery budget
  • Small, $65 of your grocery budget
  • Medium, $95, of your grocery budget
  • Large, $145, of your grocery budget
  • Unsure which size to pick? Here’s a guide to help: What Size Market Box Should I choose?
  • your subscription is set for every week for the whole year. 
    • don’t worry, you can change this after sign up
  • Includes unlimited skips and schedule changes you control from your account after sign up


Choose How to Receive Your Box:

Market Style: Choose to pickup your list of farm “groceries” at our farm every Saturday. With this option, you can choose exactly which veggies ( e.g. a large head of cabbage or a small one) and other farm foods you want from our market stand. No associated delivery fees.

Farm Pick up: You may pickup your your pre-packed box at our farm every Wednesday. No associated delivery fees.

Pickup Locations: We deliver to locations in Bethlehem on Wednesday & Thursday and Allentown on Wednesday. Pickup location details are at the bottom of this page. Pickup locations have a fee of $ 0.00 – 4.00 /delivery.

Home Delivery: If you fall within our Home Delivery region (map here), we will deliver vegetables straight to your doorstep. Home delivery has an additional $10/delivery.

Workplace Delivery: Available for Lehigh University employees only. (Want to start a pickup at your workplace? Get Started HERE.)


Understand your payment & preferences

Market Boxes range from $35 – $145/ delivery. Think of it as part of your grocery budget.

Home Delivery is a premium convenience while picking up at the Farm is our best value. Delivery fees are not charged until the week we deliver each Market box.

  • In-season Payment Plan: A downpayment equalling 1 market boxes will be charged upon checkout to indicate your commitment to our farm. This “unlocks” the pay as you go option going forward. You will pay the full weekly amount of your box beginning with your second delivery. You are only charged on the weeks you receive a box.
  • Preferences: After completing your downpayment you’ll receive a link to your brand new account where you tell us what farm foods you want the most. How do preferences work? See this helpful post.
  • Customize Your Delivery Schedule: Your subscription is set for every week. This includes unlimited skips and schedule changes you control from your account after sign up.

That’s it. You should have a pretty good idea of what you want to sign up for.

Are you ready for your Willow Haven Market Box?

We are delivering now so your deliveries will start soon. ​​