Sign Up Bonus for you on CSA DAY! 1

Box of CSA vegetables

CSA DAY is the most popular day of the year to sign up for a CSA share, according to Small Farm Central. And now is when we need your support!

On February 22, we are joining with CSA farmers from across the country to celebrate CSA Day. This is an important time of year for us to get new and returning members signed up because we are in the process of making the investments that will result in a successful harvest of beautiful and delicious organically grown vegetables many months from now.

Our Goal is 25 CSA Memberships this week, on or before CSA day. Will you help us reach that goal?

Those who sign up by midnight on Friday, Feb. 22 will receive a bonus that we’ve never offered before. Keep reading to find out.

The Community Supported Agriculture model is an important model to support our farm. Laura, who runs First Root Farm in Concord, Mass. put it eloquently:

“The CSA model was what allowed me to start my own farm business at age 23. Without the sale of CSA shares, I would not have been able to buy seeds, potting soil, fertilizer, or anything else. Six years later, my business is still going strong. Access to capital in the off-season; the meaningful connections between farmers and CSA members; the sense of ownership and pride members feel about their CSA farms–all these things add up to healthy farms, businesses, and communities. The CSA model is good for everybody,”

So thank you for your support on this and throughout the year. It is so important for us and we are thankful to you!

DON’T FORGET THE BONUS: The first 25 Farm Share CSA sign ups on or before CSA Day will receive 3 of our add on shares with their first box. You heard right, that is 1 dozen organic farm fresh eggs, 1 farmstead cheese, and 1 loaf of our delicious Brick Oven Sourdough Bread.