Why Should You Auto-renew!

  1. Peace of mind – when you set it and forget it, you know you’ve been guaranteed your share and your add-ons for next year.  You  won’t have to think about it again for several months.
  2. No more promotional emails from us – if you take care of your share now, I’ll take you out of the system for emails about Sign Ups for the next two weeks.
  3. Get the bonuses – The Early Bird Bonuses are only for Early Birds and Auto-Renew.
  4. Pay In Full – get $25 member credit when you pay in full.
  5. This is the best offer of the year. 
  6. Renew Your Membership Right Now


Auto renew is done as a convenience to you and simply means that you no longer have to keep signing up year after year! Your spot is automatically saved. 

Auto Renewal Basics

Your farm share will automatically renew into the next season for 2021. Your card on file will be charged after a 3 day grace period. All auto renewed shares will default to the payment option you chose last season. For most, this is the 25/25/50 payment plan and your card will be charged the 25% downpayment.  You may check your payment settings HERE

Next Season’s Details

  • Summer season starts on May 30, 2021.
  • This is a 20 week season. 
  • Your location, day and time will all remain the same. 
  • Your share size and add-ons will remain the same. 

Opt Out Option

Don’t want to participate this season? Simply opt out. But please tell us why so we can opt you out of future marketing if you’d like.  

To opt out of auto renew:

  1. Log into your Harvie account here → My Profile → Auto Renew Settings 
  2. Update your auto renew settings
  3. Send us an email farmer@willowhavenfarmpa.comYour Farm Share Membership: How Auto Renewal Works 3

Frequently Asked Questions Prior to Auto Renewal

Q. What if I need to change my location, pick up day, or share size?  No problem, let us know and we can make the change for you! Email Harvie Support Here

Q. What if I want to Pay in Full to get the $25 farm credit bonus that Willow Haven is offering?  Log into your Harvie account here, click “My Profile”, click “Auto Renew Settings” and then choose “Pay in Full”. Or log in to your account and pay off balance before January 30, 2021. 

Q. What if I want to renew for the 2021 season at a later date?
Q. What if I don’t want the next season but want to participate in the future? Just login and click Turn Off Auto Renew in the pink box. When you are ready to join us again, just sign up as you normally would. You’ll still have an account with us!

Q. Why is Willow Haven doing auto renew vs. traditional sign up methods?  Auto renew is done as a courtesy to you. Simply “set it and forget it” and continue to get farm-fresh produce from us season to season without missing a delivery. You no longer have to remember to sign up every season. We just take the worry out of it. This also ensures your spot gets saved before sign up opens to the general public! Many of our members value Auto Renewal. Multi-year member Tina shares WHY in this video. 

Your Farm Share Membership: How Auto Renewal Works 4

Q. How did I get signed up for auto-renew?  This is the default setting for all new memberships upon sign up.  You can read the membership agreement, especially terms & conditions #8. You always have the ability to opt out of auto renew and you always receive advances notices about when auto-renew is going to occur. 

Q. What if I already signed up for the next season? If you already signed up for the next season you will not be auto renewed again and can disregard this message! THANKS!

After Auto Renew

If you do not opt out prior the the auto renew date, you will receive a confirmation email with your 2021 membership details.  (There is still a 3 day grace period to cancel before your card is actually charged.)

You will also receive a “Welcome Back” email series that will provide you with reminders about how to use your Harvie account. 

Questions or concerns? Just reach out to support@harvie.farm and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!


Your Farmers,

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster   

Willow Haven Farm