Do you have ideas of how to cook various cuts of pork in order to handle all the pork you get from half pig? This Pork Rub recipe is my secret to delicious pork every time, not matter what the cut. I never get tired of it.

I’ve used this Herb & Spice Pork Rub on pork chops, roasts, tenderloin and spare ribs.

Many pork rub recipes include sugar, which will of course, make your meat taste great – especially if you have a sweet tooth like me. But we know that avoiding sugar and it’s accompanying addiction is better for our immune system.

This pork rub recipe is packed with flavor without relying on sweetness. It allows you to enjoy the flavor of the meat itself, which is the whole point, right?

Pastured pork is so flavorful and since the fat is packed with nutrition from the days the pigs spent in the summer sun, there is no need to fear letting the fat and the meat juices add to the flavor of each cut.

When older folks come to the farm and tell us “your pork tastes like it used to taste when I was young”, it hits home just how much flavor and nutrition conventional meat has lost with modern practices.

I’m looking forward to pulled pork, spare ribs, tender pork roasts, carnitas, pork chops, bacon, chorizo, hot italian, maple breakfast and country sausage when the butcher finishes the pork and it gets stashed in my freezer.

And you can bet this is the Pork Rub Recipe I’m going to make plenty of and keep in a jar so it’s ready for an easy meal.

When you download this recipe you’ll get a bonus recipe for a larger quantity you can make to have on hand like I do at home. You can save or print either or both recipes for your own recipe collection of easy pork meal ideas.

Click here to download Tessa’s Favorite Herb & Spice Pork Rub Recipe!

Tessa's Signature Pork Rub Recipe Relies on Flavor & Needs No Sugar 3

Cooking My Pork Ribs in the InstantPot

When I cook my pork ribs in the Instant Pot I rub both sides generously with the pork rub.

I might even add a little more salt. Our family doesn’t get overloaded with sodium from packaged and prepared foods so a little extra sea salt and trace minerals in our meals is a good addition for us.

I put the rack in the bottom of the insert.

Then I poured in 1 cup of water, a quarter cup apple cider vinegar and  2 Tablespoons of organic tamari sauce.

Spiraling the pork ribs on their sides around the pot, I was able to fit in all three racks. Perfect! I’ve also done pork chops this way, lined up on their sides.

I set the InstantPot on for one hour and thirty minutes which gave me ribs so tender that I could pull the ribs out of the meat – boneless ribs!

Here’s a video showing you the result.

Actually, you could probably use less time but I had that much time and I wanted to make sure they were very tender to make them easy for everyone to eat, even the younger kids.

Click here to download Tessa’s Favorite Herb & Spice Pork Rub Recipe!

Enjoy Any Pork Cut with Amazing Flavor

Don’t forget that you can use this Pork Seasoning on any cut. It will be perfect on a roast or massaged onto pork chops before cooking in your skillet or on the grill.

But the best flavor will be acheived when you start with farm raised, pastured pork from a farmer you know.  Nothing can fix the flavor when you start with a lesser quality product.

Click here to download Tessa’s Favorite Herb & Spice Pork Rub Recipe!


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Tessa's Signature Pork Rub Recipe Relies on Flavor & Needs No Sugar 4