Purchasing a half or whole pig for your freezer can seem intimidating at first. How much do you get?

What’s the process? How long does it take?  We aim to try to take some of the confusion out of the process so you know exactly what you’re getting.

For the sake of this blog, we’ll outline what you typically get out of a half.

A pig is divided into multiple areas where you’re favorite cuts come from:

-Loin: tenderloin, pork chops, baby back ribs
-Ham: cured ham, ham steak, uncured ham
-Ribs: spare ribs, country ribs
-Bacon: cured bacon, fresh side, belly
-Boston Butt:  roasts
-Picnic shoulder: picnic roast
-Trim: ground pork, sausage

What Do You Get from Half a Pig? 2

Below is an outline of specific cuts you get from a half with a standard cutting order:

  • Pork Chops: 32 (1″ inch thick, center cut loin pork chops)
  • Spare Ribs: 1 roll of spare ribs
  • Ham: 18 pounds of ham (curing will shrink this a couple pounds)
  • Bacon: 7 pounds
  • Shoulder/Roast: 8 pork steaks and 2 roasts
  • Ground or Sausage: 9-10 pounds

With a half-pig, you can expect around 65-70 pounds of pork (subject to variations based on the individual pig’s size). Here’s a breakdown based on a standard cutting order (keep in mind that these totals may vary depending on your specific cutting preferences):

24 lbs Pork chops 1″ thick – total of 32 pork chops, 2 per package
3 lbs Spare Ribs – One roll of side ribs (approx. 3 pounds)
9 lbs Sausage ground meat in 1 lb packages
18 lbs Fresh Ham – can be cured or smoked (cured will lead to shrinkage)
7 lbs Bacon – can be cured or left as fresh side
6 lbs Roast


Customizing your half-pig is a breeze with various options for curing, packaging, cutting, slicing thickness, and flavoring.

Our popular sausage flavors that will be made are: Country, Chorizo, Hot Italian, and Maple Breakfast. You may choose in units of 10 lbs.

What if you want more sausage? We’ve got it. Bulk Sausage (10 pound packs) will be available to ADD to your order at special price just for you.

Ready to enjoy pastured pork? Secure your order by placing a deposit.

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Once your deposit is in, we’ll connect with you to finalize your cutting preferences and schedule a delivery date. Plan for a processing time of approximately three weeks from the processing date to when your delicious meat is ready for delivery.

Delivery dates are FIRM once agreed upon.  You’ll want to pick up your meat and get it in your freezer as soon as possible. Please put your pick up date (or dates) on your calendar – we cannot hold onto your pork for you.

Reserve your half pig today!

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Read this page for even more information about our Pastured Half Pigs.