Market Box Value!

  1. Adjust your preferences: Your box will be automatically filled with the items YOU prefer. It’s how you get FIRST CHOICE of your favorites. You can always change items out, but it’s best to have your box filled with your preferences initially. You can modify your preferences at any time during the season.
  2. Customize your box: Swap and/or add additional items you like from our ever-growing selection of high-quality organic foods and products. Use your Harvie account to make changes, and your card will be charged when you finalize your order. The customization window is open from Friday (until 7 pm on Sunday). For Saturday members, the window opens by noon on Wednesday and closes at 2:00 pm on Thursday. Read help doc How Swaps Work  and How Preferences Work help doc.
  3. Add another item to your cart: Think of your market box as your weekly grocery budget. Check if you have “more value” left in your box by going to customization, clicking on your cart, and then going back to the items. If you have remaining value, consider adding a low-cost item to your cart.
  4. Contact Harvie support for account-related questions: For inquiries about customizing your box, billing, or your account, please contact Harvie support. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.
  5. Check FAQs for guidance: Review our FAQs to learn how to navigate your Harvie profile and explore the various options available with your subscription.


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