How is a Market Box farm share different than a Veggie farm share?

My loyal farm member, Lora, had several questions about transitioning from her more traditional Veggie Box to the our new customized Market Boxes. She asked her question in the email below.

Hi Lora,

I love your summary of the market box subscription and I’m glad you are excited about it. I’ll answer in red below.

– Tessa

Hi Tessa,

Figured I would touch base. I just want to make sure I understand the new season since it’s really changing. My mind is still kind of set to like 15 years ago when you got what was in the box and it was a surprise! Anyway, I have tried to shake it up a bit this summer and venture out into other items, so I am excited about this new method.

So, while I am subscribed to the mini market box EVERY WEEK, if I need to, I can SKIP delivery TOTALLY once I get the “WEEKLY what’s in the box email”? Yes?

YES! You can even go into your account and “pre-skip” upcoming deliveries to create your own custom schedule ahead of time.  If you do that, you won’t get the WHAT’S IN A BOX EMAIL for that week. 

How am I charged?

When you sign up you are charged for the first delivery. Then you are charged for each delivery 1-2 days before you receive it (starting with the second one).

So, next question, if I change my preferences, do items like chicken and bread occur as auto selections in the box? Or do I ALWAYS have to add them in?

If you change your preferences, the items that you rate highly will be pre-planned into your delivery if we have any available. 

Are my eggs and fruit shares still there as mini box items, or do I have to add them in through customizing?

Again, if they are rated highly, the items (fruit and eggs) that you rate highly will be pre-planned into your delivery if we have any available. We plan to always have eggs available. Fruit is almost always available except in early spring. 

 It sounds like a market box will be a great fit for you.


Good news! Lora signed up for the Market Box and is getting her market boxes delivered to her home on Thursdays. I’m sure she’ll love it just like this member:
It’s like a farmer’s market, in a box, in the winter. You just can’t get produce, bread, meats and more this easily, at this time of year. [I joined] mainly for produce and bread. I can’t get enough of either!” May 2022

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