Is this you? There are plenty of good reasons to join a CSA and you probably know what they are already. I talk to people all the time who really like the Farm Share CSA idea but just don’t think it will work for them.  That’s okay. It really takes a special commitment to a farm, a farmer and to eating seasonally. But there’s good news, even if one of these reasons is yours, you might want to read on…

REASON ONE: You’ll be traveling a lot this summer.

Sure, it’s pretty hard to join a CSA and keep up with a regular delivery of fresh vegetables when you are not home. Fresh vegetables from Willow Haven Farm are best when they are eaten and enjoyed fresh, not stuck in a fridge and forgotten. But what about the weeks you will be home? Wouldn’t you love to get a box on those weeks?

REASON TWO: You might be moving.

Yep. It’s definitely hard to commit to join a CSA for a whole season when you are in transition. We’re sorry you have to leave the beautiful Lehigh Valley.  But what if you could get a box just the weeks you are still here? 

REASON THREE: You can’t afford it right now.

I get it. Even though the eating healthy is a priority, sometimes other things get in the way. Maybe you can’t join a CSA because the down payment for the CSA is prohibitive right now. Would you like the option to get a Farm Share CSA box on the weeks that it will fit in your budget?

REASON FOUR: You can’t eat that many vegetables.

Maybe you are single? An empty nester? Or you are the only one in your family that will eat veggies. If you could get a box of the vegetables you like, less often, it just might work for you. Get a box on a week when you’re having a picnic, need to bring dish to share, or having guests.

REASON FIVE: You’re not sure you’ll like it.

Maybe you like the summer vegetables but you’re not sure you can handle all the delicious greens in the spring and fall. Wouldn’t you like those farm grown, perfectly ripe, juicy tomatoes delivered to you, instead of going to the Farmer’s Market? Or maybe you want to experiment with a couple boxes this summer to see if you could really do it in the future.

An abundance of vegetables

We grow an abundance of vegetables, over planting to make sure we have enough for the CSA members – no matter the weather. But when the weather is good, we get overloaded!

Committing to a farm for the whole 20 week season might be a stretch for some families. That’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the great tasting, farm vegetables.

HERE’S A NEW OPTION when you can’t join a CSA:

You can join our Farm Stand List to be notified when we have extra boxes available. Signing up for the Farm Stand just means you have expressed interest in receiving notifications about when we have extra products available for purchase. Please keep in mind it is not a guarantee that we’ll have extras each week! Sign up for the Willow Haven Farm Stand List. More info

Farm Stand Veggie boxes are an alternative to join a csa

Fresh farm veggies, organically grown, from our farm to your home

Willow Haven Farm Stand: Your veggie box should be a perfect fit for your life

Your busy family will appreciate a box of vegetables delivered to your home or a convenient location when it fits in your schedule. It’s still easier than making a trip to the farm or farmer’s market and you can support your (favorite?) local farmer. Especially since we deliver to Allentown and Bethlehem and within ten miles of our farm in New Tripoli, PA.

Once you are on this list, you’ll get an email when our extra boxes are available.  You’ll get to see what items will go in your box so you can decide to grab it, or not.  Each extra box will be offered on a first come basis.

When you grab a one-time box from our Farm Stand you’ll also get the recipes, storage tips and tutorials that our Farm Share CSA members receive. All those tools will teach you how to use your vegetables so nothing goes to waste. Your meals will be amazing!

How to get Access to our Farm Stand Veggie Boxes

Sign up for the Willow Haven Farm Stand List to get access to organically grown veggie boxes for your commitment level and on your schedule.