Our east field is filling up with new vegetable plants that we will be harvesting for our fall and winter shares. In fact, this weather is great for transplanting because the moisture in the soil is crucial to giving the young broccoli, kale and dill a healthy start. Farmer Reuben and I are starting to plan the Fall and Winter Season now in mid August. It feels CRAZY, I know!

After watching the tractor stall on the hill yesterday on the way to this field, I was happy to see the crew working steadily away in the relative cool of the morning today. The [VIDEO] below shows three different stages of farm work simultaneously so that we can keep a variety of vegetables delivered to your home every week. We have to work ahead so that you can have the delicious food you eat every day on your table.

You don’t have to stop getting your food from us this winter, just because the 20 week summer season ends in October. Why would you want to start getting veggies from the grocery store when you can keep this amazing farm share experience going?

In winter 2021 we delivered organically grown storage vegetables and greenhouse grown veggies EVERY WEEK from January – May but many of you didn’t even know it!

Watch for information coming soon about Fall & Winter 2021 delivery options and auto renew for 2022!