Today I’m going to tell you about the fantastic early bird bonuses I get to offer you when you renew your membership for 2020.

I talked Steve yesterday, our cheese maker, and partner/owner of Haven Farmstead TableHe’s going to give away cheese to all our returning members! Yahoo! Steve’s been working hard to produce fine, artisan cheese from our grass fed dairy herd. Over the summer what he offered to farm members started as fresh cheese like Fromage Blanc and cheese curds, and evolved into short aged cheeses like brie and camembert. 

Bonus #1: Free artisan cheese

The great news is that all our Early & Auto Renew members will get a free cheese product from Haven Farmstead (about a $7 value) to be redeemed at any time during the 2020 season, June – October. (Even if you don’t like cheese or can’t eat it, this will be a very special gift to give for Father’s Day or Hostess gifts, birthdays, summer holiday parties, etc .)

Even better, Steve will have a full complement of long aged cheeses, like Blue cheese and a yet to be named “tomme” style cheese.  This means there will be a great selection of special, high quality cheeses to try when you redeem your Early Bird Bonus. You might have trouble choosing.

Bonus #2: Free Add – On Share

We’ll have a fun little drawing in January after Auto Renewals are completed.  All our returning members will be entered to win an Add On share of their choice (up to $120 value). 

Bonus #3: Pay in Full Incentive

The farm really depends on your deposits and payments in the winter to buy equipment, order seeds and pay our bills. One way of supporting your farmer even more is to PAY IN FULL.  Any member who pays their membership in full by January 30 will receive a $25 credit to be used on extras during the season.  You can set your membership to pay in full automatically by logging in to your account. 

Best Offers of the Year

I promise that this is the best offer of the year.  Because you are special and I want you to know it! These exact bonuses will not be offered to those who join later.  And if I offer incentives to new members (like a drawing for a free share) later in the sign up season, all the returning members will be automatically included as well. 

How to Get the Bonuses


  1. Make sure that your membership will auto – renew on January 10 so you can “set it and forget it!” Check your “auto-renew settings” under “My Profile” on your account. 
  2. Or Login and “place order” right now.


We’ll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster

P.S. To find out more about Auto Renew, read this post which has all the details.