Imagine more of your grocery budget going directly to the farmers so you can receive grass fed meats and dairy, pastured eggs, organic pasta or granola, local honey and maple syrup, in season fruit, veggies, herbs, flowers and more!

Your Market Box is an opportunity to fill your shopping cart with local farm food according to the season and your personal preferences. This subscription allows you to set your preferences, let your farmer fill your box with your favorites and then customize each delivery as you desire.

What are the details of the Winter/Spring Market Box?

Deliveries start October 19, 2022 and continue through May 24.
Join any time.
Skip any delivery.
3 sizes: choose the amount ($35, $65, $95, $145) you want to spend on local farm groceries per delivery.


Will you offer a 10 week Winter Veggie Share?

All the Winter Farm Shares will be Market box subscriptions in 2022-2023. Even though we aren’t offering specific “vegetable farm shares” per se, you may set your preferences to only fill your box with vegetables, if desired.


What do members say?

“Literal deliciousness delivered to my door – what could be better?!  I love that we had access to local, fresh organic farm food throughout winter and now spring – all delivered to our home. So convenient!” May 2022

The Market Box “saves me time from running to store, gives me a variety of veggies that I might not typically try on my own, super fresh and I never want to buy store bought produce again!!!” March 2022

“We loved the summer veggies and we were hoping to love the winter veggies as well…we do!!!” February 2020

“I would highly recommend to a friend. It makes my life better by helping me plan healthy and in season meals while feeling good about supporting local small growers.” May 2022

“I Love having quality, locally and organically grown food to cook with. Not only is it great to know and support local farmers but it also helps me and my husband to eat healthy and seasonally. It was wonderful to keep doing this deep into the winter!!” February 2020

“The market box provides the benefits and satisfaction of shopping from local farmers and merchants with the convenience of online ordering and delivery. The value for the quality and amount of items is excellent. Variety and quality of items is also excellent. Additionally, we are so happy that this is a year-round program so we can continue to eat locally and seasonally all year.” May 2022

“I have a friend who joined and she really liked it. I wanted to give it a try. We belonged to another CSA but they didn’t have the winter/spring option. The convenience of delivery on a Wednesday is WONDERFUL especially being a working mom of 3 boys who are in sports with our active lifestyle. The quality of the product is GREAT! I’m very happy with the choices, the amount and quality of everything!” March 2022

“I trust the food from willow haven and was so happy for the chance to have fresh local food brought to my door since I work all the time :)” February 2020


The Market Box “saves me time from running to store, gives me a variety of veggies that I might not typically try on my own, super fresh and I never want to buy store bought produce again!!!” March 2022

“I loved being able to choose lots of different items in addition to vegetables. We tried the bread, pork sausage, eggs, cookies, and kefir. It was wonderful having FRESH, ORGANIC food that I can TRUST delivered right to my home!” May 2022

“I like your products. Natural, local, fresh. I like that you can skip. I like that there are soaps and lotions and other stuff to choose from and swapping is available. I like that you deliver.” May 2022

“I have recommended this to multiple friends and a few have subscribed. I said it’s super convenient, the food is organic and very fresh. This means less trips to the grocery store for our family.” May 2022

“Love the produce and ability to have essentially a year round farm share. The added variety of options is also really nice. ” May 2022

“It’s a commitment to spend at least a certain amount a month on local food. It’s fun to choose each week the items that you will use your allotment for. We wanted to continue to receive some of our food through the farm and we were interested in trying some of the different products.” May 2022

“[I] wanted local vegetables and meats that came straight from the farm or the surrounding area… Since there has been an increase of food recalls from various suppliers we have been afraid to keep getting our produce and meat from the stores. Also we really want to help people in our community so that it is sustainable.” February 2020

“This was terrific! We are enjoying what we get. Love the veggies. Your veggies taste much better than the store bought ones. Have enjoyed the eggs and cheese. The jams have been a delight.” May 2022

“I am able to get amazing farm fresh foods and organic sustainable pantry products, fish, meat, and seafood all in one place. You can also get it delivered straight to your doorstep.” May 2022

[I love ] “that we get to pick what we’ll get, it gets delivered to my house and can include non-veggies when desired. I joined in hopes of trying more/new veggies into our weekly routine. I liked that I could customize what I got.” May 2022

It’s like a farmer’s market, in a box, in the winter. You just can’t get produce, bread, meats and more this easily, at this time of year. [I joined] mainly for produce and bread. I can’t get enough of either!” May 2022