Your Market Box is an opportunity to fill your shopping cart with local farm food according to the season and your personal preferences. Imagine more of your grocery budget going directly to the farmers so you can receive grass fed meats and dairy, pastured eggs, organic pasta or granola, local honey and maple syrup, in season fruit, veggies, herbs, flowers and more. This subscription allows you to set your preferences, let your farmer fill your box with your favorites and then customize each delivery as you desire.

What are the details of the Winter/Spring Market Box?

11 scheduled deliveries start December 13 and every other week until May.
Join any time.
Skip any delivery.
3 sizes: choose the amount ($35, $65, $95) you want to spend on local farm groceries per delivery.


How is the Market Box different from a Vegetable Farm Share?

The Market box is filled with all types of farm food and products up to the $ value of your subscription. A veggie box is filled with veggies in the same way. Both boxes allow you to add even more from our list of products as you desire.


I already have a Winter Share that ends in February. How can I keep getting deliveries until May?

I have two ideas for you:

1. Join the Winter/Spring Market box but put your deliveries on hold until March.
2. Wait until February to join the Winter Spring Market box. The first delivery will be March 9.