It’s a privilege to be a part of your journey towards a better eating and a better food system. As the local farmer we get to know the stories of our members who have found simplicity,  convenience, and trust through our year-round Market Box subscription. Let me tell you the experiences of Ilene, Lisa and Ron and what sets our Market Box apart from other food delivery options and local CSAs.


A Happy Ending to A Crazy Month: How Ilene’s Market Box Simplifies Her Life

It’s been a crazy month for Ilene.

So crazy, in fact, that our delivery driver found two of her unopened market box deliveries on her porch when he delivered the third one last week.

Concerned that this farm member was out of commission and couldn’t tell us, we called to check on her.

A family member had been in the hospital and life was disrupted. The teen-aged son didn’t know what to do with the food in the market boxes so they were neglected until Mom could return to the normal routines.

Calling her assured us that life is returning to normal and last week’s box of farm food was enjoyed to the fullest.

Ilene had two summers of veggie shares and a winter veggie share last year.

She enjoyed the continuation of fresh vegetables so much that she signed up for the Winter Market boxes and has been enjoying the variety.

Even better are the health benefits they’ve experienced. With lots of fresh veggies on the menu high blood pressure has come down and the kids are expanding their picky eating categories.

Her husband loves the cheeses, they’ve enjoyed trying some meats and were delighted to have large portobello mushrooms last week.

Ilene will seamlessly continue the same size Market Box subscription into the spring, summer, fall and winter of this year. Auto renew will take care of everything and she’ll hardly even notice the transition from one season to the next.


“It Made Sense to Switch to a Market Box”

A member since 2021, Lisa likes “auto-renewing” into the next season. Listen to her experience:

“We were already doing the winter CSA and regularly adding items to our vegetable share. It just made sense to go ahead and do the market box.

“We like being able to get items we would normally get at the supermarket directly from local farmers. Knowing that our food is being grown and produced locally in clean, organic, sustainable ways is even better.

“The market box provides the benefits and satisfaction of shopping from local farmers and merchants with the convenience of online ordering and delivery. The value for the quality and amount of items is excellent. Variety and quality of items is also excellent.

“Additionally, we are so happy that this is a year-round program so we can continue to eat locally and seasonally all year.”

Lisa customizes her box every week because she likes to plan what to use so she won’t have waste.

The quality and flavor of the seafood was a big surprise for Lisa. She didn’t love the seafood options at any of the local supermarkets – too many farm-raised products.

“We have been really happy with the seafood available through Willow Haven and Wild for Salmon.”

“We’ve been less than thrilled with the quality of meat products in the markets for quite some time – definite decline – but we have loved all of the meats we’ve tried through Willow Haven and your partner farms.

“It’s hard to choose which is most important: the organic vegetables or the high quality local meat. These are both a huge part of what and how we eat.”

Two more aspects of the farm that she loves is the opportunity to give to the charity share fund. “It’s a small way to help someone, but something that can make a big difference in someone’s life.”

And the farm events:  “We love that the farm is a true family/community. That just adds to the experience.”


Ron and His Wife’s Year-Round Access to Food They Trust

Ron and his wife are a retired couple who love to cook and eat good food they know they can trust. They’ve come to the farm to pick up their farm shares on Saturdays for many years.

Last spring they started their CSA early by signing up for a Market Box in March so they could get access to the veggies, meat, eggs and more.

They prefer buying quality, organic food and they like that often something new is offered from farmers you can get to know easily. Grass fed pasture raised meat and fresh, organic vegetables are most important to them.

A mini market box is the perfect size for this couple. They pick up their packed box at the farm during the week in winter but we’ve gotten to know them as friends when they pick out their veggies on Saturdays during the summer at the farm.

They also make this important point. “With inflation and shortages it’s nice to know that we have a place to get quality food.”

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