Why is the electric fence not “hot” in the evenings to keep the curious piggies from wondering through our vegetable fields?

That’s the next problem Farmer Reuben is investigating.

Neighbors standing in the field were worried and then mesmerized as Farmer Reuben and his 10 year old farm boy effortlessly called the piggies home in the dusk the other night.

Farm animals might not be able to resist wandering when the opportunity arises but what they really want is something else.

The comfort of their familiar home – close to their food source.

You know, my kids are the same way.

“I’m so glad to be home to REAL FOOD!”

My 19 year old daughter lived in New Hampshire for the last 5 months assisting in a small, Catholic school. After subsisting on meals made from donated food of varying quality she had two foods that she most looked forward to returning to at home.

Sweet and Creamy Raw Milk!

Fresh Vegetables!

“What was the meat like at your meals at the school?”

“Well, they raise their own pigs so we had plenty of delicious pork!”

When I visited the school 2 weeks ago they were so proud of having pork chops to grill for our community supper.

Unfortunately, the grill decided to consume almost all the meat in a grease fire.

We each had a few bites of the remaining pork chop. It truly was delicious. Just like home!

Farmer Reuben Explains the Difference!

Do you know how hard it is to get Farmer Reuben on camera?

Try catching up with him as he accomplishes one thousand and one things throughout a typical farm day.

Every day he observes the benefits of raising animals outdoors on the same land that we grow organic vegetables.

Our farm members exclaim how huge their bok choy and napa cabbage are this spring.

They know why because we’ve explained it to them in our behind the scenes farm videos.

The remains of old vegetables feed the pigs and the remains of the pigs dropping feeds the soil and the soil provides the rich nutrients for the plants.

You enjoy the full flavor and the rich nutrients of those rich asian greens and the delectable pork roasts in your Market Box or Farm Stand delivery.

Farmer Reuben is PASSIONATE about raising food this way. When he says he gets “upset” about what passes for food in the grocery store, you may not see all the emotion of that statement on camera but that frustration and valid anger fuels his mission as a farmer.

See for yourself in this video.

Are you looking for the Guide Reuben mentioned in the video?  I’m still working on it but you can download part one by clicking on the link in the video description on Youtube. You’ll find an explanation of meat labels and Tessa’s recommendations on the best ways to add meat to your diet for maximum nutrition.


What Does Pastured Pork Taste Like?

“The best I have ever had. No comparison to the stuff in the store. It is tender, lean, juicy, flavorful. I put some in my box every week, and my kids beg for more.” – Suzanne

Cindy told me today that the pastured pork is “Lovely. ♥️ We love it. Delicious. Flavorful.”

Should you try pastured pork?

If you seek nutrient dense food then you should consider these points.

Pastured pork: pigs raised on open pastures with space to roam and forage

  • Benefits:
    • Improved animal welfare: access to fresh air, sunlight, and natural behaviors
    • Environmental sustainability: promotes soil health, reduces water pollution, supports biodiversity
    • Nutritional superiority: higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins

Conventional pork: raised in confinement with a diet of grains and soy

  • Drawbacks:
    • Compromised animal welfare: limited space, lack of natural light, social isolation
    • Environmental impacts: pollution from antibiotics and manure, contamination of waterways
    • Nutritional inferiority: lower levels of nutrients, higher levels of saturated fat compared to pastured pork

Are you wondering what pastured pork cut you should try first?

It’s hard to choose, I know.

Bacon is an easy choice – who doesn’t love it?

But to really experience the pure, delectable nature of pastured pork you could slow roast a larger piece for a simple pulled pork recipe.

Willow Haven Farm Custom Sausage is a Farm Member favorite. Convenient to cook, it adds superior depth of flavor to any one pot meal.

What if you didn’t have to decide?

What if you could try all three and a get a deal too?!

We’ve got you covered!

Order a Willow Haven Farm Pastured Pork Sampler Pack.

Farmer only makes this special offer 2 – 3x per year so now is your chance to stash 10 lb + (at least 10 pounds because weights vary) in your freezer.

Easy meal planning from your freezer will give you peace of mind, confidence and a little bit of extra sanity in your busy summer schedule for the next couple weeks.

It’s easy to add a Pastured Pork Sampler to your Market Box. Click Here to Add to Your Cart.

Not a Farm Member?

No Problem. 

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This is what Your Farm Does

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster are passionately focused on the people who make Willow Haven Farm so special.

Our  50-acre organic vegetable and grass farm in New Tripoli, PA, serves as a cornerstone for fostering meaningful connections and promoting well-being.

The heart of farming lies in the relationships we cultivate, ensuring that every practice supports not just the land, but the health and sustainability of families like you.

You are invited to experience the transformative power of nutrient-dense food, the strength of personal connections and shared experiences that turn farm members  into family.

We recognize that every person’s health needs are different.

Even the best food available doesn’t unlock the healing that you need to experience.

Powerful herbs and essential oils help many people to finally break through the literal blockages that are holding them back from experiencing a sustainable life.

That’s why we offer education to go along with the food. I’d love to see you at this class.

Save the Date: Free Class

Essential OIls Class July 20 2024 11 am at Willow Haven Farm


Come to Pizza Night Every Friday!

Hang out with friends and family any Friday evening while Mas (Massimiliano’s Homestead) handcrafts your pizza and pulls it sizzling out of the wood fired oven.

As you savor each delicious bite, you’ll taste the love and care we pour into our crops and the unmistakable flavor that comes from the bounty of the farm

Here are the key details for every Friday:

15.00,  for personal 11 inch pie

Date: Fridays

⌚ Time: 5pm – 9 pm

Location: Willow Haven Farm

Address: 7686 Herber Rd. New Tripoli, PA, 18066

Walk in! No tickets or reservations necessary!

As Always…

We support your desire to have a good, healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.

We’ll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

P.S. Maple Pecan Scones & French Country bread…

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On Farm Market Hours: Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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pork roast in pan covered with spices

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