Look at all the great food one member received last winter: plenty of fresh greens, a variety of winter radishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions, winter squash and green cabbage. She added artisan cheese, local, pastured salami and pork sausage. Farm girl made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies are the final treat.

Lisa joined our farm when we only offered vegetable farm shares. When she experienced the convenience of a full food Market Box Share, she was an “early adopter.” Instead of keeping her summer vegetable share, Lisa upgraded to a “medium” Market Box so she could get even more of her weekly groceries from her local farmers.

She said this, “We were already doing the winter CSA and regularly adding items to our vegetable share. It just made sense to go ahead and do the market box. We like being able to get items we would normally get at the supermarket directly from local farmers. We also like knowing that our food is being grown and produced locally in clean, organic, sustainable ways.”

Do you see roasted root vegetables and green salads with shaved aged cheese?

Would you try my recipes for shredded winter radish salad, and sweet potatoes topped with caramelized onions, Philly Fromage and bits of fried sausage?

Maybe a curried butternut squash soup?

If you are inspired by fresh, local, organic food and simple recipes then you already know some of the ten reasons while you’ll love winter market box deliveries.


TEN Reasons to love Winter Market Box Deliveries

  1. Keep your healthy cooking and eating habits, even in winter.
  2. Your taste buds don’t have an “off season.” Keep them happy and don’t settle for awful produce somewhere else.
  3. This is one farmer’s market that doesn’t close.
  4. Support local famers who take care of their animals and their land year round.
  5. Winter delivery means we do the driving. Snow? Not your problem.
  6. A well stocked pantry no matter the forecast.
  7. Winter veggies are perfect for hearty soups and green salads.
  8. Your Holiday meals will be extra special with the best tasting ingredients from the farm.
  9. Keep your food dollars local rather than supporting Big Agriculture and food imports from China, Mexico and South America.
  10. You can brag that your CSA didn’t end when summer ended.

If you are ready to make sure you have access to local farm food that fits your life, then you are ready to sign up for a Winter Market Box Subscription.

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Here’s what you get with a WINTER Farm Share CSA Membership:

  • Eight months of great-tasting, local farm food (October – May).
  • Flexibility – Don’t forget that you can reschedule your deliveries to fit your schedule. You can move your skip any delivery with just a few days notice. Or you can customize your schedule in your online farm account.
  • Sizes to fit your life – mini, small, medium, large. (Picture above is one example of medium size.)
  • Recipes, storage info and tips to help you use your box will match the items in your share.
  • Locally grown vegetables – there’s nothing like the experience of eating seasonally, even in winter. Challenge yourself to support your local farmer by focusing on eating what’s in season.
  • Organic farm food – we and our fellow farmers follow all the organic standards and go beyond in some ways by integrating animals, bees, flowers, trees and native plants on our land.
  • Support from other members in a private Telegram group. You’ll enjoy posting your recipes, asking advice, getting ideas and interacting with other CSA members.
  • Support for Your Local Farmer – Your food dollars go 100% to support the DeMaster Family, Willow Haven Farm and our partner/grower farms. Income in the winter months is much appreciated by farmers.

Can you describe the winter veggies typically available?

​Because it costs more to grow and store vegetables in the winter, the winter item prices will be a little higher than in summer. For instance, lettuce is cheap and easy to produce in the summer but much harder in the winter because it requires a heated greenhouse and there aren’t as many farms growing winter lettuce. Root crops were grown during the summer and kept in reserve on the farms until needed. Thousands of pounds of potatoes, onions, carrots and winter squash take up lots of room and need special conditions to keep them from deteriorating in storage.

​​Winter vegetables are mostly greens and root vegetables: Asian greens (Bok Choy, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Chinese Cabbage), Beets, Butternut Squash and other winter squash, Cabbage, Carrots, Garlic, Kale, Kohlrobi, Leeks, Lettuce Mix, Onions, Potatoes, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Turnips, Winter Radishes. ​ ​

Each week we will rotate through the varieties but the weeks in February and March will reflect what veggie crops are able to store the longest in good condition.


More Than Just A Box of Veggies!

“I loved being able to choose lots of different items in addition to vegetables. We tried the bread, pork sausage, eggs, cookies, and kefir. It was wonderful having FRESH, ORGANIC food that I can TRUST delivered right to my home!” May 2022

Winter is a great time to get even more value from your box by trying new foods. Hundreds of great local, farm produced, in season products are included every week such as:

Farm products we sell


Farm Members Love Winter Subscription

“I Love having quality, locally and organically grown food to cook with. Not only is it great to know and support local farmers but it also helps me and my husband to eat healthy and seasonally. It was wonderful to keep doing this deep into the winter!!” February 2020

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