Are you eager to tap into the healing potential of herbs but find yourself wondering if you are misidentifying plants, using correct amounts or employing the best methods for using your herbs?

You need the confidence that knowledge from an herbal expert can give you so you can advance to the next level in your herbal journey.

We have just the solution for you!

We’re excited to introduce Jim Furey, a Clinical Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath, enthusiastic Forager, at our Homesteading Conference on September 2.

Herbal Workshops Spotlight: 

Immerse yourself in a day of herbal learning with the Herbal Track. Led by Herbalist Jim Furey and Wray Sargent, this track Stop Dabbling in Herbs! Learn Valuable Skills & In Depth Knowledge at Both Workshops 4 offers two workshops that connect you with the practical and scientific aspects of herbalism. Explore regional plants’ uses in healing and cooking, then delve into modern herbalism’s applications.

Jim’s Background: Jim Furey is a Clinical Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath, enthusiastic Forager, and avid gardener. With 4+ years of clinical herbal school and over a decade of foraging and gardening/horticulture experience, he has always had a deep connection with the rhythm of the planet. He hopes to further re-connect people with the web of life surrounding them & to de-mystify traditional medicine models to the public. Jim forages and consults clients in Northern New Jersey out of his herbal apothecary, “Integrative Herbalism”, located in forest savvy Kinnelon, NJ. Jim will be assisted by Wray Sargent, Herbalist & Willow Haven Farm Event Coordinator.

Morning Workshop Highlight: Foraging Herb Walk

Join Herbalist Jim Furey for a journey on the land to identify the medicinal and edible plants which are widely found in this region. Learn the practical uses for these herbs long revered by herbal traditions for healing ailments, teas, and cooking. Wray Sargent will be demonstrating assembling an Herb Drying rack in which every student will be able to make a personal drying rack and take home herb bundles collected on this walk.

Stop Dabbling in Herbs! Learn Valuable Skills & In Depth Knowledge at Both Workshops 5

You will forage with your instructors here at the farm

Afternoon Workshop Highlight: Intro to Herbalism & Tincturing

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare known to humankind. Herbalism is a major component in all indigenous peoples’ traditional medicine, and a common element in Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, traditional Asian, and Native American medicine. We will touch on the many disciplines contained in modern herbalism, with a focus on usability and practical application.

Join Jim to learn and discuss during this interactive workshop: · What is herbalism? · Brief history of herbalism used in Eastern and Western cultures · The role of an herbalist: from at home to a clinical setting · Modern herbalism and the multidisciplinary approach · Intro to the scientific & energetic aspects of herbalism–how the herb works, proper dosage, possible side effects, etc. · An herbal contribution to preventative medicine

Take It Home: These workshops will immerse you in the world of herbalism, providing practical skills and knowledge that you to the next level self-reliance and sustainability for your health. From the workshops you’ll take home:

Assembled Herb Drying Rack: A functional tool to preserve and dry the herbs you collect during the workshop.

Personalized Herbal Tincture: Craft your own herbal tincture, reflecting your understanding of properties and dosages

Plant Identification: Acquire the ability to identify 12 common plants and their useful properties.

Practical Application: Apply your knowledge to create tangible herbal products that contribute to self-reliance.

Confidence Building: Cultivate a deeper connection with nature and a sense of empowerment in producing your own herbal remedies.

Workshop Details:

Date: September 2, 2023

Time: 10 am & 1:30 pm

Location: Willow Haven Farm, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania

Price: $29/ per session

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Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or you’ve made a salve or two, these workshops offer a chance to enhance your skills and understand herbalism at an enhanced level.

Join us on September 2nd for enriching workshops that will add new resources to your personal food and health security.

Harvest of Wisdom Homesteading Conference at Willow Haven Farm on Saturday, Sept. 2, from 8 am – 3 pm.

All Workshop Presenters:

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