Hello Friends of Willow Haven Farm,

It has been quite a while since I placed a group salmon order.  When I place bulk orders, I can get a significant discount.  I order from a family company called Wild for Salmon.  Each July they travel to Alaska and fish for salmon.  This is authentic wild caught salmon – not farmed and not genetically modified.  The prices are much lower than Wegmans.  Please order by September 5.  I expect the delivery on September 11 and you will be able to pick up during that week or on Saturday.  I will not be able to deliver your orders this time.

We also have Soy Free Pastured Pork Available: 100 lb pack, 50 lb pack, and $100 Sampler Pack.  Prices & Order here.


Whole salmon fillets – 10 pounds    $140

Sockeye Salmon portions – 10 pounds    $145

Salmon Burgers – 2 per pack – feta dill, spicy, garden style, unseasoned  $8

Smoked salmon – nova (cold smoked), hickory (hot smoked)   $6 per 4 oz pack

Salmon Steaks – bone in 10 pounds     $115

Pacific cod – 10 pounds  $115

Please use our website Farm Store to order so that we can keep track of all the details. Consider paying by invoice/check to avoid the credit card service fee.

Thank you.

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster