You are waiting for spring, I know. So are we.

It is hard to have a nice warm, mild February and then have this icy, windy, snowy cold in March.

But Spring really is coming and we are getting ready.

What’s our proof?

We have a full nursery greenhouse – seedlings! And some of them are all ready to transplant.

That’s a problem. Because then the 200 little baby plants in each tray go into four 50 cell trays.  They take up 4 times as much room.

That means we have to start moving over to the bigger greenhouse. But with this cold weather, we’ll have get some serious heat going in there so they don’t freeze.  Thankfully the days are getting longer and a little sunnier so that helps.

We’re not complaining.  Every stage of farming has it’s idiosyncrasies and challenges – every season is different.  That’s part of the fun of vegetable farming – it’s never boring.

So while you are still wearing your coat and boots this week, remember to think of our greenhouse full of little green organically grown plants.

More proof!

Well, this is tongue in cheek because our bread was proofing today. That is the last step before going in the oven.  Proofing means that the dough is rising, getting lighter and creating air bubbles for a perfect texture.

Our Brick Oven Sourdough bread is amazing anytime of the year. Always fresh on Saturdays.

And if cute Baby Animals a aren’t proof of spring, I don’t know what is!

If you are following us on Instagram or Facebook you know that we had a calf born on Monday!

We expect lambs any day and 100 chicks and 100 ducklings will arrive in 10 days!

This is the time of year that each week gets busier than the last.