Turnips can be so delicious but you need to find your favorite way to prepare them so that you can look forward to enjoying them. This weekend I decided to pan fry my bunch of turnips in a cast iron skillet on the stove top. I was pleased with the end result, so here is the recipe for you to try.

Pan Fried Turnips with Green Onion and Feta


1 bunch turnips
2 – 4 Tablespoons good butter
¼ cup green onion, sliced fine
2 – 4 Tablelspoons feta cheese


  • Trim ends off your turnips.
  • Slice ¼ inch thick slices.
slice turnips on cutting board with knife

Sliced Turnips ready for frying

  • Heat skillet to medium high.
  • Melt generous amount of high quality butter like grass-fed or Kerry Gold.
  • Place one layer of turnip slice in skillet for 3 -4 minutes.
    Turnips in the pan

    Turnips in the pan

  • Flip over when lightly browned.
  • Remove from skillet and salt to taste.
    Pan Fried Turnips

    Pan Fried Turnips

  • Repeat with remaining turnips.
  • Finely slice the green leafy tops of your onions.
  • Sprinkle fried turnip slices with green onion slices and crumbled feta cheese.
  • If you like some heat, sprinkle with your favorite hot sauce.
Pan Fried Turnips on a plate garnished with sliced green onion, feta cheese and hot sauce

Pan Fried Turnips with Green Onion and Feta

Serve and Eat immediately.

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Do you like this recipe for Pan Fried Turnips?

What is your favorite way to cook and eat your turnips?