Your lettuce in your Farm Share CSA box looks amazing when you first pull it out of the box.  But what if you can’t eat it right away? You’ll want to know how to store lettuce. How long does fresh lettuce store? What is the best way to store farm fresh lettuce? We’ll help you learn our favorite method of storing lettuce in this post.

What’s the worst thing to do with your fresh from the farm lettuce?


That’s right. If you stick that bag of lettuce in your fridge and wait a few days you might be disappointed to find slimy leaves and wilted, unappetizing lettuce.

So what should you do?

At the very least you should remove the lettuce from the bag it came in, pat dry with a paper towel to wick away moisture, and put in a dry plastic bag and put in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

How to get the most storage from your lettuce?

If you take a few extra steps you can get a week – 10 days of great storage life for your precious tender lettuce greens.

If you use this method you lettuce will be washed, prepped and ready to eat.

WHF Method

  1. Take lettuce out of bag and remove all leaves from the core.  Discard the core.
  2. Rinse leaves in a sink of cool water.  Gently rip leaves to bite size.
  3. Remove from water and spin as much excess water as possible.
    1. OR, if you don’t have salad spinner, drain in a colander and use towel method in step 4.
  4. Place lettuce on a thick kitchen towel.

How to Store Lettuce 4








5. Gently roll up the towel with the lettuce.  This will remove excess moisture.How to Store Lettuce 5







6. Place leaves in a large sealed bag with a paper towel.  Press out most of the air and seal.

How to Store Lettuce 6











7. Refrigerate in Crisper drawer.

Other Methods to Store Lettuce

If you want to try some other methods this is a great post:

This Blog compares the success of these three Methods:

  1. Plastic Bag & Paper Towel
  2. Plastic Container & Paper Towel
  3. Plastic Bag with Puff of Air


Do what works for you, but do SOMETHING!