Dear Beloved Farm Members,

Prepare for exciting news!

We are thrilled to share with you a new venture that embodies our dedication to providing you with exceptional farm experiences. 

As valued supporters of our farm community, we are excited to introduce you to a project that will truly enhance your engagement with your farmers. 


Introducing Willow Haven Farm General Store in Trexlertown, PA

Immerse yourself in a special place where your commitment to local organic agriculture converges with our promise to deliver the freshest, cleanest, and most nutrient-dense foods possible.

You already know the quality of our produce and the passionate care behind our farm operations. 

Now, bringing the farm store experience closer to the people who need it, we’re taking that commitment to the next level with Farmer Reuben’s WHF General Store at 8150 Hamilton Blvd Breinigsville, PA 18031. 


Crafting an Unforgettable & Repeatable Experience



Feel right at home in this sanctuary filled with freshly brewed organic coffee, vibrant locally grown produce, exquisite flowers in bloom, and lively community connections.

Picture gathering your favorite farm staples, mingling with fellow members, and discovering new recipes and wellness resources. 

This will be more than a store; it’s a home away from home for those who share our passion for sustainable agriculture and community.


Benefits of Patronizing at Willow Haven Farm General Store

  • Direct Connection to Local Organic Farmers: Your purchases directly support local organic farmers, promoting transparency and sustainability.
  • Assurance of Clean and Nutrient-Dense Foods: Every product on our shelves and in our Coffee Shop meets our rigorous standards for quality, cleanliness, and nutrition.
  • Sense of Friendship & Community: Join us for enriching community events, workshops, and friendly conversations that celebrate our shared values and commitment to healthy living. 


Your Ongoing Support Fuels Our Growth

As loyal members of our farm community, your support has been vital to our growth. 

Now, we invite you to join us in our latest venture—the opening of Willow Haven Farm General Store.

Your continued support will help bring this vision to life, creating a space where you can shop, connect, and nourish your body and soul.


Join Our Exclusive Zoom Call for Farm Members

Reserve your spot for our exclusive Zoom call next Friday, April 11.

You’ll learn more about Willow Haven Farm General Store and how you can participate in bringing this necessary community gathering place to life. 

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 11 at 7 pm. 


Be the first to hear about our exciting plans and exclusive incentives for loyal members. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our farm. 

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you. 


We’ll keep farming for you!

Tessa and Reuben DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

In the meantime, WE ARE FARMING FOR YOU!

Six thousand zucchini and cucumber plants are now seeded in our greenhouse while we wait for SUN and WARM weather!

Isn’t it Spring yet?