Our “Refer a Friend” program helps you earn farm credit when your friend joins our farm and starts receiving market box deliveries.

This opportunity is available to all farm members:

  1. To get started, go to the Refer a Friend tab on your Harvie Profile here → harvie.farm/member/refer-a-friend.
  2. Share your customized referral link with friends via email or social media.


MARCH 2023 SPECIAL: $50 for both of you when your friend begins receiving deliveries.


How it works:

  • If your friend completes a sign up, you’ll both receive your farm credits.
    • Have your friend use your link to go to your linked sign up page. It will have a green bar that tells who is referring them and what the credit will be.
  • The Farm credit will be used the next time you pay for a market box delivery.
  • To purchase extras, simply add them to your order at the same time you customize your farm share box.

Note: We currently cannot issue full member credits to both members if your friend joins a different farm than you. In this case, only your friend will receive the $credit.

If you have any questions at all Message Me!  or email  support@harvie.farm.


Happy sharing!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster

Willow Haven Farm