Do you enjoy the art of sourdough bread, the challenge of a wood fired brick oven, working with your hands, not just your brain, and not afraid of physical work? 

Do you value clean, organic, nutritious food and making it accessible to busy families in the Lehigh Valley?

Do you create systems, love to keep records and work independently and efficiently?  

Could you do all this and more in an indoor/outdoor environment, as an integral part of a team of people, working with organically grown vegetables on a family farm?  

Are You The Right Fit?

Willow Haven Farm is looking for an experienced baker who enjoys the independence and opportunities of managing a small bakery while valuing its integral connection to our farm business and farm members. 

Our farm members across the Lehigh Valley value high quality, nutrient dense, local food that they can trust.  To implement these values in our bakery our standards include:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Long fermentation times
  • A blend of traditional and modern methods
  • Product consistency
  • Continuous improvement

Hours: 20-30 hours per week, 2 – 3 days usually on Thursday and Friday.  

Pay range: 25 – 30% of the retail value of what you produce in the bakery. This starts with the expectation of producing 200 loaves of brick oven sourdough bread at $8.00 retail price. Successfully baking additional items increases your income. 

This part time position is the perfect challenge for the right person.

Bread loaves coming out of the outdoor brick oven

A Sample of Tasks and Requirements is Listed Below

  1. Must have experience making sourdough bread.
  2. Works independently.
  3. Bake up to 100 loaves of bread per week in an outdoor brick oven using existing bread recipes and techniques.
  4. Manage the outdoor oven fire and temperature. 
  5. Develop and expand the bread varieties
  6. Learn to make additional items that we bake such as gluten free bread, scones, brioche rolls, etc…
  7. Expand the product line into such items as baguettes, focaccia, croissants, pastries, etc…
  8. Clean the bakery and dishes daily.

How to Apply to Join the Willow Haven Farm Bakery

  1. Read the job description above.
  2. If you are intrigued, you’ll read more to learn about our farm and our values.
  3. Email your inquiry and resume to

As Always…

We support your desire to have a good, healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.


We’ll keep farming for you!
Reuben and Tessa DeMaster

Our Next Farm Baker Will Shape the Future - Position Open! 4 Our Next Farm Baker Will Shape the Future - Position Open! 5

Our Next Farm Baker Will Shape the Future - Position Open! 6 Three loaves of sourdough bread