You may be surprised that we serve liver as a family meal almost once a week. But even more surprising is that everyone eats, most people like it and the farm kids even ask for seconds. The little kids often say “I love rice and liver.” Do you want to learn to eat liver like a farmer? and love it?

How do I get them to eat it?  I have a very special recipe.

In our farm member discussion group the other week the subject of organ meats came up.  After references to shoe leather and all kinds of ways to add it to dog food or take as a pill, my mom actually called me out in the group to share it. My dad calls it The Best Edible Liver.

I promised Mark, and the others in the discussion, to share my special recipe.

As mentioned in the group, the key is to NOT overcook liver until it resembles shoe leather.

Here are Eight very important but Easy Tips

  1. Organ meats from healthy pastured animals have high levels of key beneficial nutrients but it’s very important to get them from trusted sources.
  2. The first time you open a package of organ meat you will realize that they have a very unique texture. Each different type of organ is unique in flavor and texture.
  3. Liver from pork or beef is a very large, dense heavy organ. You’ll probably only ever see it sliced into manageable pieces. Chicken livers are small and you’ll need about 5 for one serving.
  4. The texture of liver might remind you of finger jello in a way. It’s very soft.
  5. The best way to handle liver, and make it easy to slice, is to keep it half frozen. With ice crystals helping it keep its shape, your sharp knife will easily slice through.
  6. If you find any “holes” or membranes trim them off. They will be “tough” and don’t need to be eaten.
  7. Liver is fully cooked when it is no longer red but still has a soft, al dente texture.
  8. Remove from heat immediately when finished. Liver can overcook itself if left in a hot pan for even a few moments.

Final Suggestion

If this is your first time cooking liver, I suggest you do a test run.

  • Cut off a few small slices to pan fry with a good fat over medium heat.
  • Watch how each piece cooks, how quickly, for instance, and test them for done-ness.
  • Always salt and pepper liver generously for best flavor.

With a good kitchen test, you won’t spoil all your liver at once if you make a mistake.

How to Eat Liver Like a Farm Kid

  • Start with lots of really good pieces of bacon.
  • Eat over your favorite rice.
  • Ask for seconds of Liver and Rice!

In this recipe the liver remains whole but I prefer to cut into bite size pieces before cooking for my family.

Download Farmwife’s Liver & Sauce Recipe