Members of Willow Haven Farm farm share CSA have the unique opportunity to add an artisan cheese share to their vegetable share delivery for the 2020 season.

This add-on share gives you an experience you will find nowhere else, as our advisory members of our csa attested to when we were just getting started.

What is an Artisan Cheese Share?

  • Two unique cheeses each delivery; usually one fresh cheese and one cured cheese – approx. 10 -12 oz. total/delivery.
  • Cultured butter maybe included occassionally
  • Ten bi-weekly deliveries with your vegetable share.
  • $15/delivery.
Add Artisan Cheese Share


Local Cheesemaker

Haven Farmstead Table is a partner business of Willow Haven Farm, with the creamery located on our farm right where the cows graze and are milked.  We are driven by the desire to make world-class cheese from the highest-quality, and healthiest, milk. That means we are committed to raising cows using organic and pasture-based methods as a guide. It is our belief that there is no compromise between deliciousness and nutrition. Those two elements are at the heart of quality and at the heart of what we strive for in our food.

Haven Farmstead Table handcrafts a variety of cheeses. We have very fresh products like Fromage Blanc, cultured butter, and cheese curds. Our aging program consists of bloomy rinds, washed rinds, and natural rind cheeses– really all kinds of cheese! As a young creamery we are interested in making a variety of cheeses to see what our customers like. You can expect cheeses done in traditional styles like Camembert, Blue, Taleggio, Alpine, Tomme– but with our own unique approach and our farm’s flavorful grassfed milk.

Artisan Cheese Share from Haven Farmstead Table 2

A variety of our fresh and aged cheeses.


Add Artisan Cheese Share