We want you to be sure that our Farm Share is a good fit for you and your family. There are lots of ways to buy food, and while our Farm Share is a good fit for many families, we want you to be confidant that you’ll love it. (Already know it’s a fit? before the shares sell out.)

1. Do you want to eat delicious, fresh, and in-season vegetables?​ ​

If you’ve ever tasted a home-grown tomato, you know that a grocery store tomato just doesn’t cut it. As a Farm Share member you’ll start to feel the same way about all vegetables. Carrots, potatoes, onions, kale, watermelon just taste so much better when they are freshly harvested at the peak of ripeness.

When your fridge is stocked with local vegetables, your meals will taste better. Because you’re buying food directly from the farm, it will arrive in your kitchen closer to harvest, meaning it’s fresher and more nutrient-dense. It’s easy to cook incredible food when you start with incredible ingredients.

We are a real farm, bound by the seasons, and so we can’t give you tomatoes in June, or watermelon in October. If that’s what you want, you might be disappointed. ​ ​

2. Do you want to know where your food comes from?

In today’s world with GMOs, factory farming, and heavy chemical use on conventional farms, more and more consumers are trying to figure out how to avoid both the known and unknown risks associated with harmful growing practices.

When you join Willow Haven Farm, you will get to know us, and get to know your food. We are a small family farm, and we form real relationships with our members who can visit the farmstand and stroll through our fields. Farmer Reuben is always available to answer any questions about our growing practices, and I usually have great recipe suggestions. Our family started farming because of our own desire to eat safe and healthy food, and we eat what we grow on the farm. ​

3. Do you want to eat more vegetables and try new foods?

Are you used to eating only lettuce, carrots, beans, corn, and potatoes? The Farm Share will fill your table with your favorite vegetables, and then some.

Nancy, a Willow Haven Member for 10 years, says it best:

We’ve been members of the CSA for many years now and have had a great experience. Thanks to the CSA we’ve been introduced to new types of veggies that we probably never would have thought of trying before, like Swiss chard and arugula. We’ve also enjoyed being able to get ones that we already knew we liked such as butternut squash and kale, knowing that they are fresh and organically grown. 

4. Do you like to cook?

Successful Farm Share members cook several times a week and enjoy the challenge of creating meals based on the items in their box. The result? Home-cooked meals that taste better than a restaurant. If you’re new to cooking or are unfamiliar with some of the veggies in your box, don’t worry – we will help you buy sending recipes and tutorials. Plus, I’m always an e-mail away if you need a specific suggestion… I’m cooking for a family of 10, and so we’re pretty savvy in the farm kitchen!

6 Questions You should Answer before Joining a Farm Share 3
Many mouths to feed! I’m confident in the kitchen, and you can be too.

5. Do you appreciate creativity and flexibility in the kitchen? Do you like to plan your menus?

Our most successful Farm Share members learn to be flexible in order to enjoy the benefits of eating seasonally. Every week will be different, and you’ll discover tips and hacks such as this: “bok choy stems can be an amazing substitution for celery”. Some find the spontaneity refreshing and others are stressed by it. With our customized Farm Shares, you have lots of choice in what comes in your box, and you’ll even be able to use our weekly emails to plan your menus based on your upcoming delivery.

But a generous pinch of creativity and a certain amount of flexibility will go a long way. Whether you already have these skills or need us to guide you throughout the season, we know our members this season will make some delicious food.

6. Do you care about your impact on the local economy and the environment? Do you want to support sustainable farming practices and positive farming conditions?

A head of Willow Haven lettuce *might look the same as that found at Wegman’s, Giant, or Costco, but it isn’t. Our veggies have added value because they tell a real story, of a real family farm that you can be certain operates in a way that is good for the land, and good for those that work on the farm. *We’re pretty sure our lettuce will look better, too :).

Our veggies start from small organic seeds, that are each touched by one of our hands. The germinated seedlings are watered with our blue-mountain well water, and are then planted in our nutrient-dense soil, where they are carefully weeded, harvested, washed and packed just for you. Farming is our calling, and our veggies are a part of that story. But they’re also a part of YOUR story. After all, their final home is on your dinner table.

Quiz Summary:

  1. Do you want to eat fresh, great tasting, in season vegetables?
  2. Do you want to know where your food comes from?
  3. Do you want to eat more vegetables and try new foods?
  4. Do you like to cook?
  5. Do you appreciate creativity and flexibility in the kitchen?
  6. Do you care about your impact on the local economy and the environment? Do you want to support sustainable farming practices?

If you answered YES to 4 or more questions, it’s a great time in your life to give our Farm Share a try with confidence in that you’ll experience success.


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And if you don’t think our Farm Share will fit into your life right now, that’s okay too. You might be happier picking out your veggies and other farm fresh groceries as a Market Box subscription or getting deliveries through our .

As in all things, your expectations determine what kind of experience you’ll have. To set you up for Farm Share success, make sure your expectations align with what we are offering before you commit.

We’ll keep farming for you!

Reuben & Tessa DeMaster