Our farm members are making simple, delicious farm to table meals from their Willow Haven Farm market boxes.

They love to share, especially when they’ve succeeded in using only ingredients from the farm.

It feels so local. So sustainable. So connected. So empowering. So healthy.

scrambled eggs and tomatoes on toast

Scrambled egg and tomato toast with basil was a Sunday brunch for a loyal, multi year member.

Oh, but the toast!

Not just any bread.

This is Cheddar Basil brick oven sourdough bread made in the brick oven at Willow Haven Farm.

That was a delicious Sunday brunch.

But you could use some of these same ingredients to make a totally different but just as fantastic Farm to Table meal like a new member did this week.

E. M. shared (in our private farm chat group) her meal of poached eggs, artisan cheese spread on brick oven sourdough bread, with corn on the cob and a sliced nectarine for dessert.

100% Farm to Table Meals 3

I’ll share even more Farm to Table creations in each season so you can see how our farm members are using their market box shares.

You can tell they are eating well and loving it!