Yes, we have 500 pounds of organic flour in our walk in cooler.


Extreme foodie doesn’t begin to describe our on farm baker, Vince.

Maybe that’s why our daughter married him last summer!

After returning from a 9 hour drive to and from the extremely rare, on-farm organic mill at Weatherbury Farm, I quizzed my admirable but “crazy” son-in-law.


What is so special about THIS Certified Organic Flour?

Don’t we already have organic flour for our bakery and our market box farm members?

Mill stones.

Farmer Nigel, “a foodie on the land,” was an engineer before he started growing certified organic grains and beans on his parents land.

weatherbury organic flour farm family mill

weatherbury organic flour farm family mill

Not satisfied with selling his grain off the farm, he bought two exquisite, Austrian stone mills to keep the grain and the flour completely certified organic.

Vince explained that grinding the flour between stones retains the finely ground bran and germ rather than separating it out like an industrial roller type mill.

You see, all flour naturally retained the nutritious parts of the grain “berry” until the industrial revolution changed flour forever.

Yet again, nutrition is the enemy of  industrial “mega” food.

Because the oils in the ground germ and bran go rancid and lose their flavor and nutrition with in days of grinding.

A baker used to buy freshly milled flour from a local mill, grown by local farmers before refrigeration was common.

organic flour in walk in cooler at Willow Haven Farm

Why can’t we do the same? Instead of sourcing “local flour” from Avella, PA, south of Pittsburgh?

Extremely rare.

It’s almost unheard of to find any farmer who is growing and stone milling his own grain. That takes an incredible skill set.

Nigel’s extreme commitment to nutritious flavor and quality is verified by his completely certified organic farm and mill. It’s not easy to grow organic grain in Pennsylvania.

Now that Vince has taken our Brick Oven Sourdough Bread to the NEXT LEVEL what we’ve always said is even more true.

It’s Farmer Reuben’s favorite saying…

You won’t find bread like this anywhere else.

Every ingredient increases the nutrition and digestibility so that even Dina, a young lady with gluten intolerance loves this bread.

“I can only eat bread from Willow Haven Farm,” she tells us over and over.

Is it gluten free? Nope.

Typical bread is made as fast as possible using:

  • chemical rising agents
  • nutritionless, chemical laden flour
  • preservatives
  • synthetic vitamins

Even fresh bakery bread is laden with chemicals – if it’s not made with organic flour.

Imagine all the things your body might react to and reject.

What is different about Willow Haven Farm Bread?

Crafted with attention to detail this bread its made with

  • wild caught yeast
  • long, cold fermentation (the sourdough method)
  • organic wheat
  • stone ground flour naturally including the nutrients of the wheat germ and the bran
  • non-iodized sea salt
  • organic additions in some varieties: nuts, seeds, olives, herbs, etc.

All this adds up to nutrition your body can use instead of:

– feeding the wrong bacteria and yeast in your gut
– passing through your system without breaking down
– latching onto vitamins and minerals in your digestive track and excreting them
stressing your body day after day until it finally tells you “NO MORE!”

I haven’t even mentioned the wood fired brick oven where it’s all baked without electricity, adding depth of flavor.

Vince baking organic sourdough bread in brick oven

On farm European-style brick oven built by Farmer Reuben (and friends)


So How Can I Buy THIS Sourdough Bread?

You are in luck today because you DON’T have to be a farm member to buy at our farm market or order online.

Our Market Box CSA farm members are filling their online carts as we speak because members get first choice every week.

You can purchase online this weekend only – as a preview of what your life could be like as a farm member who eats this way all year round. 

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Not Just Bread

Meanwhile, the food is growing so beautifully that our Market Box members are enjoying the earliest tomatoes and summer squash that we’ve ever offered.

Walking out to the field, I had to run to keep up with the two farm boys planting beans with a wheel seeder. You can watch that here:

I really mean it when I say:

  • “Local food often has better nutrition because it’s fresher, and we can grow more interesting varieties that are delivered to you faster.”
  • “We’re taking good care of our land, and our land is taking good care of us by producing wonderful food.”
  • “Here’s a really interesting cabbage that’s growing—it’s called Caraflex, and it is pointy and cone-shaped.”
  • “We love growing vegetables for our local community, and we have so many foods available in our market boxes.”

Starting Friday June 15!

Why We Drove NINE HOURS to Buy Organic Flour for our Sourdough Bread 3



Local Food Buying Will Soon Be Easier in the Lehigh Valley

Clearly it is necessary that local communities take charge of their food systems and break away from dependency on corporate food distribution.

Join us at this incredible meal and inspiring event to raise funds to open Willow Haven Farm General Store.

Why We Drove NINE HOURS to Buy Organic Flour for our Sourdough Bread 4





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As Always…

We support your desire to have a good, healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.

We’ll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm


P.S. Olive Rosemary Bread, Ancient Grains, Country Sunflower, French Baguettes, Brioche, Scones…

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