We are excited to announce a brand new program that will allow you to purchase products from the farm without committing to a full season!

While we would LOVE all of you to join us all season long, we understand there are many reasons why this just isn’t feasible for everyone.

If you want to support your local farm and eat healthy but cannot commit to a full farm share season, you can now order products from our Harvie Farm Stand!

How it works:

Sign up for a subscription to our online farm stand
Signing up for the online farm stand just means you have expressed interest in receiving notifications about when we have extra products available for purchase through the farm stand.
Please keep in mind it is not a guarantee that we’ll have extras each week!

Set your preferences for delivery and share options
When you set your share options, you’ll let us know which delivery options you want alerts about.

When you set your product preferences, your box will be built specifically for you based on those preferences and what the farm has available that week. To learn more about how preferences work, click here.

Order your products
When we have products available on the Farm Stand for purchase that match your product and share delivery options, you’ll get a notification and you can go ahead and place your order.

You’ll have the opportunity to swap items depending on what is available on the farm.

That’s it!

To join our farm stand, get registered here! → Willow Haven Farm Stand