What are your pick up hours again? Hours Posted Here

Wait! Where can I reserve my chicks? Reserve Here

Where is that Chick & Duckling Care Guide? Download the Guide Here

Can I get ducklings? The store says sold out.  All the ducklings are spoken for.  We have a waiting list. If you stay subscribed to our emails throughout the year you will get first notice when we announce that reservations are open for 2020. Subscribe here.

Can I pick up after Easter?  Yes.  The chicks grow quickly but they will still be small and be a great experience we are open the week after Easter beginning 8:30 – 4 most days.

Can I keep them in the house and what is a safe heat source for indoors? Yes.  You can keep them in the house, basement or garage as long as you can keep them warm enough.  They prefer to be around 90 degree. You may use any type of desk lamp that has a bulb that you can feel is giving off heat.  Actual heat lamp bulbs are available at your hardware store for about $4. Just be careful that you don’t create a fire hazard.

What size box to they come in? The box  is 24 x 12 x 12 inches.  They should be happy in this box for 1 – 2 weeks.

Is it possible to get salmonella?  Salmonella is very easy to avoid by using common sense hand washing procedures. It is possible to come in  contact with salmonella anytime you touch fecal matter that harbors the bacteria. This could be a baby’s diaper, your pet’s fur, your own bathroom, or any other animal that you touch.  Wash your hands, and your child’s, anytime the chicks, or their items, are handled.

What kind of ducks?  We ordered an assortment of ducks this year.  It will be fun to see what breeds we end up with; they could be White Pekin, Blue Swedish, Rouen, or Flying Mallards.  You can find out more here.

What kind of chicks?  Some of the chicks are an egg-laying breed called Rhode Island Red.  The all yellow chicks are called White Cornish Cross.

Do we need to keep chicks and ducklings separate?  It is up to you.  Some foster families like to separate them because the ducks enjoy the water so much that they make the drinking water dirty quickly for the chicks. The ducklings may also be bigger than the chicks.

What if my chick/duckling gets sick?   Sometimes this happens, through no fault of yours. Did it get too cold or too hot? Is it eating or drinking? Message me so we can figure it out together.

Where can I write a review of this great experience?  That’s a great idea! Facebook reviews would be perfect.

When should I return my foster friends?  Most enjoy keeping them for about 2 weeks but you may return them before that if you prefer.  Check our return hours (generally 8:30am – 7 pm Mon – Sat) or give us a call or message me.

What else can I do at Willow Haven Farm?

  • Get 20 weeks of great-tasting, organically grown vegetables, customized to what you like and what you eat. We even deliver to homes in the Lehigh Valley. Foster A Chick participants get $20 off if you join our Farm Share CSA by May 20th. Find out if a Farm Share CSA is a perfect fit for your family.
  • Visit the farm any Saturday May – December. Farm tours, see other animals, buy at our On Farm Market.
  • Bring your family to Volunteer Tuesdays.  Come any Tuesday between 8:30 – 9 am to get a chance to help on the farm.
  • Visit our Farm Market Stand at the Rose Garden Farmer’s Market in Bethlehem on Saturdays 9am – 1 pm. June – October.