Over the course of the two weeks, each will grow from fist-sized to about four times as large, and from down-covered to mostly feathered. Some may even be ready to practice flying when the 14 days are over. 

You may keep them as long as you like but two weeks is normal.  If you keep them past 4 weeks you will need to buy their feed from us.  But be warned: A full-grown hen might weigh 7 pounds, while a rooster could reach 9 pounds. Most opt to bring them back since a lot of neighborhoods or community organizations don't allow for full-time farm animals.

There is no charge if a bird dies in your custody. 


What: Willow Haven Farm Rent-A-Chick program.

Cost: $20. Participants can rent two chicks for two weeks, watching them grow from hand-size to about four times larger. Teachers, schools and families are common participants.

We Provide: A box, 2 chicks and two weeks' supply of food.

You Provide:  a food dish, fresh water in a water dish, and a warm, protected place for your chick box.  Warmth may be provided by an incandescent light bulb set up near the box. 

Availability:  beginning Spring 2018

When: pick up begins -________  Open for pick up 8:30 am - 8 pm every day except Sunday. Or call for evening appointment.

Where: Birds must be picked up at the farm, 7686 Herber Rd, New Tripoli, PA and returned to the farm thereafter.

Reservations: Use our website Online Store.  Because we are offering more choices and this Program is quite popular we need to use modern tools to keep track of your order.  You may pay online or when you pick up your chicks.  RESERVE HERE

How do I keep the chicks warm?
       Newly hatched chicks like to be kept warm at about 90 degrees F.  You will want to put a light near their box to shine on them and keep them warm.  You may put a thermometer in the box to check the temperature if you are concerned.  Another good practice is to shine the light on part of the box.  The chicks then can go closer to the light if they are cold and move out of the light if they are too hot.  How can I tell if they are too hot? The chicks are as far away from the light as possible and panting.  How can I tell if they are too cold?  They are as close to the light as they can get, are huddled together and shivering.  As the chicks mature they do not need to be kept as warm as they begin to regulate their own body temperature.

What kind of chickens do you raise?
We raise Rhode Island Red laying hens and Silver Cross meat birds. These are brown or gray chickens so most of the chicks we raise have dark fluffy down. Yellow chicks grow to be white chickens which are less desirable for our purposes so we do not raise as many.

What kinds of chicks are available?
        dark chicks
        yellow chicks - limited quantity - first come, first served. We CANNOT guarantee these will be available when you come.
        ducklings - limited quantity
        laying hen chicks - limited quantity

Duckings? Really?
    YES.  This year we thought it would be fun to let you try raising ducklings.  If you thought chicks were cute wait till you see the ducklings.  Everything is the same for the ducklings, except you will also want to provide them with a small dish of water to splash in.

Can I buy egg layers from you to start my own backyard flock?
     YES.  We have barred rock chicks who will grow up to lay brown eggs. If you are ready to raise hens, this is the easiest way to get a couple to keep.  You will adopt these permanently and not bring them back to the farm. You will be responsible to provide their food and shelter as they mature.  They will be ready to lay eggs in 20 - 22 weeks.