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Pastured Chicken, Pastured Pork, Grass Fed Lamb & Beef,

How & When we raise our animals



We bought our first Tamworth pigs to raise at Willow Haven Farm in 2012.  By 2013 we were ready to breed our own and we had our first litter soon after.  Old Spot BoarEach year we have bred one to two sows with heritage boars such as Tamworth, Large Black and Old Spot. 


This year our sows farrowed (gave birth) in April and are successfully raising seven and nine piglets in our fenced in pasture.    


 Raising Our Pigs


We have 20 acres of fenced in pasture through which we rotate our pigs each season. They have various types of shelters to retreat to when the weather is hot, wet or cold.  Piglets stay with their mothers for the first 2 - 3 months of life and then are separated.  Sibling groups stay together and are moved to fresh pasture.  The sows rest for a season and then selectively bred for the next.  Our pigs have never received any hormones, antibiotics or vaccinations.




Feeding Our Pigs


Our pigs enjoy quite a varied and nutritious diet.  They love eating forage grasses and alfalfa in our pasture and rooting in the soil. Because we organically raise vegetables, there are vegetable scraps available for the pigs throughout the growing season.  While "grass-fed" is a frequently used term for high quality meat, pigs cannot eat only grass and forage.  A certain amount of grain is necessary for their energy, proper digestion, development of body structure, muscle and fat.We buy organic grain from a Mennonite farmer in Oley, PA who grows and mixes all his own feed.  We choose SOY FREE because of the research showing the soy has high levels of phytic acid and phytoestrogens which are issues having negative health consequences for humans.  Our family avoids soy as much as possible so we do not include it in the feed of ANY of the animals we raise for food.  We also recognize that many people are developing soy allergies and because soy is ubiquitous in our food system it is difficult to find meat raised without it.  You can learn more about the dangers of soy here


The End Game


While big pigs are impressive and little piglets are funny and adorable, the purpose of raising animals humanely, outdoors, with room to roam and root and eat a rich, nutritious and varied diet is always to provide the best quality pork that we can for our family and our customers.  Pigs are amazing animals in that they can turn almost any kind of feed into delicious meat than can be prepared in an incredible number of ways.  From smoked ham and bacon, to fresh pork chop and roasts, to the finer charcuterie of cured sausages, prosciotto and pancetta, traditional ways of storing and eating pork are a culinary adventure for the simple eater and the experienced foodie. 


The Finishing Touches


Since 2015, Willow Haven Farm has had a selection of it's own farm raised, pastured pork year round.  We sell individually packaged cuts of pork chops, sliced hams, ham ends, ribs, bacon, sausage, and roasts during our Saturday On Farm Market.  Availability various for the more popular cuts and we rotate our selection of sausages: chorizo, andouille, maple breakfast, italian kielbasa and country flavors are our favorites.


Save in Bulk Pork


When we butcher several animals at a time we offer whole and half hogs for those who want large quantities at a savings. Throughout the year we offer smaller bulk packs. One of our most popular is the $100 Pork Sampler which includes 12 lbs of a variety of cuts. 


Request and Reserve


Please join our e-newsletter list and select the option for Bulk Pork and Beef to get first notice of when we are offering whole and half hogs. Our Pork Sampler is available to purchase through our Online Farm Store at any time or any Saturday during our On Farm Market. Use these links for more details.
Online Farm Store
Saturday On Farm Market

If you would like to special order or request more information, please email us at willowhavenfarm@live.com




Pastured Chicken

  Our chickens start out each spring as day old chicks, arriving on the farm via the postal service.  They are housed in a safe, clean, dry area under a heat lamp until they are mature enough to regulate their own body temperature.


When the spring weather is warm enough, the young chickens are moved to a moveable shelter in a field or pasture on the farm.

They have water and food always available and their shelter is moved through the field twice a day. This gives them access to bugs, and grubs, and fresh grass. They leave behind high quality manure which improves our soil for future crops.  

 We've chosen to only feed locally grown soy-free, organic grains. They never receive antibiotics. If you look in the store you'll notice that you can buy organic chicken and perhaps free-range chicken. Contrary to what you might think free-range chicken does not legally mean pasture raised.  You can find out more about chicken labeling here.  You can visit our chickens and see their pastures.  Lastly, it is very hard to find soy-free meat because soy is so cheap and has a high protein content. Chickens do need protein to grow and develop but soy-free feed uses field peas and fish meal instead.  



Our chickens are plump, tender and delicious. They have amazing flavor and we recommend cooking the carcass again to make a nutritious bone broth. You can find a recipe here.  




Because of repeated requests we have parts available: boneless breasts & strips, legs, wings, necks, feet, livers & hearts, backs and gizzards. Properly raised chicken organs are superfoods while necks, feet and backs make incredible healing bone broth. 



Here's an article about the benefits of organ meats and some resources.

  We raise meat chickens each year, butchering them in June or early July.  They are available while supplies last. You can purchase our chicken on Saturdays during our On Farm Market. Use these links for more details.
Saturday On Farm Market

Please join our e-newsletter list to be informed of when our soy-free, pastured chicken becomes available.

If you would like to special order or request more information, please email us at willowhavenfarm@live.com






Grass Fed Lamb 

Grass Fed Beef




Natural Sheepskins

Willow Haven sells beautiful all natural sheepskins. No dyes have been used and the skins have been washed and dried through a gentle, natural process. These skins have a great smell and are unbelievably soft to the touch. They are great for small children to lie on. They make a great gift for others or a special treat for you!

We have lambskins that are smaller and very, very soft. The adult sheepskins are soft but also larger.

The sheep/ lambskins can be used

  • As car seat covers to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer
  • To keep your feet warm
  • As meditation or yoga mats
  • Draped over your favorite, cozy reading chair
  • As blankets
  • For sheepskin clothing projects

The sheepskins are white with light brown or dark brown markings. Each one is different.

Lambskins are $80

Sheepskins are $99

You may come to our On Farm Market Saturdays from 10 - 2 pm to see, feel and pick out your special sheepskin.

We will also ship them to you. Please email inquiries for details and pictures. willowhavenfarm@live.com



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