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December Vegetable, Meat & Citrus Specials

Posted 11/30/2016 10:50pm by Reuben DeMaster.

Hello everyone,

I'm not big on the Thanksgiving weekend shopping specials.  I can't keep track of when Black Friday starts or which other days are designated for something.  Here on the farm, we continue to harvest our vegetables, bake our bread, and offer you delicious healthy products.  I am going to include a lot of things in this email because we have a lot of great December products and I don't want to send out 6 different messages.  There are a lot of dates and details to remember so we'll see how this goes.

Final Vegetable Delivery - $35 - Wednesday, December 7

      I'm trying to empty my fields and greenhouse and get the beautiful vegetables onto your table.  The box will include carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, potatoes, rutabega, and bok choi. 

Bushel of sweet potatoes - $35 - December 7

       About 40 pounds.  Store between 50 and 60 degrees for up to 6 months.

Willow Haven Pork

Our pigs are raised with plenty of room to roam.  They are fed organic no-soy feed. The pork will be ready the week before Christmas.

Sampler Pack - $100 - 12 pounds of pork

Contains chops, ribs, ham slice, bacon, ground, roast, and sausage. 

1/2 Hog - $400 - 50 pounds

You get the same cuts as the sampler and I am able to provide some custom cuts and sausage preferences.

Willow Haven Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture and eat organic, no-soy feed.  The whole chickens in this batch are between 3 and 4 pounds.  They make a perfect meal and the bones can be used for making chicken soup.  We sell whole frozen chickens for $4.50 per pound. I can deliver your order on December 7. 

Chicken Special - $100 -

You will receive 6-7 whole chickens. Between 23 and 24 pounds of chicken. 

Willow Haven Lamb

Lambs were born and raised at Willow Haven farm. The lamb will be ready the week before Christmas.  Cuts include chops, roast, ground, ribs, leg, and hocks.

Whole Lamb - $300

Approximately 25 pounds

Rainbow Farm Beef

Grass Fed Beef Pack - $440

50 pounds of grass fed beef raised at Rainbow Farm.  Your cuts will include a mix of steaks, roasts, ground, and a few other cuts.  You will pick this up directly from Rainbow Farm in New Tripoli.   



 Wild for Salmon

As with previous orders, there is a 10 pound minimum order.  I will have the salmon on December 13.  I will not be able to deliver the salmon orders.  Please plan to pick up by Saturday, Dec 17.  I will need to have at least 100 pounds of orders to make this happen.

Whole Salmon Fillets - $14 per pound

Salmon Fillet portions - $14.50 per pound

Pacific Cod - $11 per pound

Salmon Burgers - 2 packs are $8

           - choose from plain, feta dill, garden vegetable, and spicy

Organic Citrus

Get your organic oranges and grapefruit just in time for Christmas.  The farmer picks the fruit just days before it arrives in Pennsylvania.  The orange variety is called hamlin and they have seeds.  The grapefruit is pink and is delicious. 

Cases - $54

1/2 Cases - $27

2 Cases for $100


You may place an order by replying to this email.  Anyone may order so please pass this on to relatives and friends.  Payment is due upon delivery.  If you would like to mail a check, please send it to: Willow Haven Farm, 7686 Herber Rd., New Tripoli, PA 18066.

Thank you,

Reuben DeMaster

Willow Haven Farm





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